Ep 04 You win some you lose some

On this episode I talk about my experience at the Bristol Mountain 50k, my second DNF and how it turned out pretty ok anyway.

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141 – Enduro by Activision, Part 1 of 2

So. This episode is about Activision’s racing game Enduro, but it is not the only episode about Enduro that I will be doing. I expected a good amount of feedback for this game, and I got an enormous amount instead. Which is absolutely wonderful, I am ecstatic to get so much feedback this far into the podcast. However, it is late and I am tired. Rather than wait to put out the whole show, I am putting out what I have so far, and the rest will go out this weekend. I kept telling Sarah that I was getting a lot of feedback, and she kept telling me to split the show into two parts. Of course I said I didn’t want to do that, because I’m dumb. I had almost everything recorded before yesterday, and it still took forever to edit. So, enjoy this first half and I will see you again this weekend. Thanks for listening! Links Enduro at Random Terrain’s site Enduro pace car photo from Atarimania Dan Devendorf photo in Billboard Enduro blurb in Billboard May 28 1983 Article about Enduro remake on IOS

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The Toys R Us Report Ep.127: A Sit Down With Iceberg Plus The Dark Tower! Thor Ragnarok Toys.Gotham..

Hey kids! Thanks for stopping by. We have a super fun show ahead of us this week. We start off with a remix of a jam we did a few years ago and then we move onto some talk talk about rap tapes and then we head over to the snack shack for a sit down with Iceberg. It’s quite enlightening.

From there we talk about a couple of movies I saw the first one stars the delightful Jenny Slate and the 2nd one is The Dark Tower, it’s a very controversial flick. I’ll tell you all about it.

For the final segment we talk a bit about some Thor toys I saw over at the TRU as well as some new comics coming down the pike from Archie as well as a ton of other great stuff, Gotham, The Ozarks… tons more!

Make sure to hop on over to Support The Report and check out how you can get the ISR Supertape VHS Tape! While helping to support the show. Man, we need all the help that we can get.

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CCCM – Deadlocked: Escape From Zone 14

We’re going to lose our heads while we watch Esai Morales and Nia Peebles try to keep theirs. It’s Deadlocked (or Deadlock 2) on CCCM. Listen, right click and download, or find us on Itunes or Stitcher.


CCCM is happy to be a part of Throwback Network. Check them out for dozens of other great retro podcasts!

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Geekfest Rants: Episode 315 – Eugenics Wars – TV Wrap Up – Star Wars Large Figures

Today on GeekFest Rants we take a look at the fictional Eugenics Wars from Star Trek. How these events have given rise to one of sci-fi greatest villains and how it’s rooted in a real life historical period.

Then Carlos is joined by Kyle to talk about all the TV shows we have been catching up on and some which have actually finished. Then we wrap up with Star Wars toys (what else?). Carlos compares the classic Kenner large size figures to the more modern Hasbro ones.

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ANTIC Interview 298 – Tom Hunt, Closer to Home BBS

Tom Hunt, Closer to Home BBS Tom Hunt ran an Atari BBS called Closer to Home for 28 years. He also created a variety of utilities for the Atari 8-bit computers, including M.T.O.S. (Multi-Tasking Operating System), and The Armorizer (a file corruption detector). He created several languages including Atari implementations of the Brainfork and Mouse programming languages, and forks of Atari BASIC and Turbo BASIC with various feature additions. He also built a system for porting Inform 5 and Z-Code text adventures to the Atari platform. This interview took place on August 5, 2017. “Just as soon as one caller would get off another one would come on. We had so much going on, before the Internet we had worldwide networking — we had message bases, emails, and file mail going around the world to Christchurch, New Zealand and everything. It was just great!” Tom Hunt Atari memories document

Source:: ANTIC Interview 298 – Tom Hunt, Closer to Home BBS


The SNES Podcast #79 — Yoshi’s Safari

In this episode Greg and George are joined by Will as we discuss a game Will brought to the podcast….Yoshi’s Safari! One of the few Super Scope games for the SNES, this strange but charming game feels out of place coming from Nintendo as you battle King Koopa and company while riding on the back of Yoshi. We discuss how the game plays, if it holds up today, and other how weird it is that Nintendo made this game! Any questions, comments, etc. can be left on our FB page or e-mailed to the snespodcast@yahoo.com and as always thanks for your support!

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Floppy Days 76 – Interview with Ian Mavric, TRS-80

Interview with Ian Mavric, TRS-80 Recycler

This is an interview-only episode of Floppy Days. I was able to catch up with someone well-known in the TRS-80 community, Mr. Ian Mavric, or Mav for short. Mav bills himself as a TRS-80 recycler who also sells a lot of upgrades for the TRS-80 line of computers, including the FreHD, hi-res boards, the Quinnterface and others. He’s also a member of the TRS-80 Trash Talk Podcast and writes for the TRS8BIT newsletter. Mav is very active in the TRS-80 community and I was very happy to be able to sit down with him and talk about everything in which he’s involved.


Mav can be found on the following internet Tech Forums:

Sites which may interest TRS-80 Purists:

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