145 – Armor Ambush by M Network

Hi there, it’s time for another episode! This one features Armor Ambush by M Network, plus a lot of great feedback from youse guys. Next time I’ll be talking about Quadrun by Atari, so if youse guys have any thoughts on the game, or any game I’ve covered, please send it to me at 2600gamebygame@gmail.com. Please also consider donating to my Extra Life marathon to benefit the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital. It starts this Friday at 6 pm, and at 2 pm Saturday, let’s all get together on Steam to play some Atari Vault. See you then and thanks so much for listening! You can donate to Extra Life here. Thank you! Armor Ambush on Random Terrain Armor Ambush on Intellivsion Lives VG Update newsletter 9/82 on Atari Compendium VG Update newsletter 1/83 on Atari Compendium Hal Finney interview by Scott Stilphen M Network button on Atarimania Check out Jose’s awesome spreadsheet for the list of games I’ve already done, with links to the episodes! Thank you Jose! Proud member of the Throwback Network! Proud member of the Retro Junkies Network! Facebook page Twitter page Google + page My YouTube channel, for whatever reason Blog page WHAT A FORUM TOO Listen to the show on Stitcher! Subscribe to the show on iTunes, and leave a review! Reviews are nice! Listen to the show on Tune In! Please check out my other shows: Intarivisions Podcast Please Stand By! The League of Extraordinary Podcasters

Source:: 145 – Armor Ambush by M Network