146 – Quadrun by Atari

Alfred E. Neuman once said, “Better late than never. Unless you’re going to the dentist!” Oh, how we laughed. This episode is about the extremely elusive Atari Age magazine mailaway game, Quadrun. It is the first home video game to feature speech without having to use an add on unit, like those OTHER systems. It also makes its own gravy! Coming up in January is Popeye by Parker Brothers. If you have any feedback for this game or any I’ve already covered, please send it to 2600gamebygame@gmail.com and I will read or play it on the show. Also, if you have any Christmas memories you’d like to share for the Christmas episode, please send it in by December 15th. I would love to hear from you! Thank you so much for listening. Steve Woita’s web site Steve Woita interview by Ken Horowitz Steve Woita interview on Planet Virtual Boy Steve Woita interview by Michael Thomasson Steve Woita interview by Scott Stilphen Steve Woita interview by 8 Bit Rocket Tiny Games web site Quadrun Easter Egg page on Atari Compendium Quadrun on Random Terrain Atari Age magazine Quadrun announcement Nov 83 – Feb 84 issue Atari Age magazine Quadrun Contest extended Mar-Apr 84 issue (last issue) Quadrun Video Game Masters patch on Atarimania “>Mighty Squirrel plays Quadrun Swear Gamer 279 – Quadrun Turbotastic Podcast on Facebook Virtually Human Podcast – Waterworld Check out Jose’s awesome spreadsheet for the list of games I’ve already done, with links to the episodes! Thank you Jose! Proud member of the Throwback Network! Proud member of the Retro Junkies Network! Facebook page Twitter page Google + page My YouTube channel, for whatever reason Blog page WHAT A FORUM TOO Listen to the show on Stitcher! Subscribe to the show on iTunes, and leave a review! Reviews are nice! Listen to the show on Tune In! Please check out my other shows: Intarivisions Podcast Please Stand By! The League of Extraordinary Podcasters

Source:: 146 – Quadrun by Atari