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The Throwback Network consists of a group of podcasters with one thing in common: we all love old things! Whether it’s old video games, old movies, old toys or simply old stories, the Throwback Network is the place to find them all. Current shows in the Throwback Network include:

Atari 2600 Game by Game Podcast: Hosted by Robert “Ferg” Ferguson, each episode of this weekly podcast covers two Atari 2600 games in detail. After discussing the games, Ferg reads e-mails from listeners who comment on the games and plays audio submissions from others.

Antic: The Atari 8-Bit Podcast: When it comes to 8-Bit Atari computers, Antic has the market covered. With a bevy of guests and interviews, if you loved (or love) Atari computers, Antic can’t be beat. (Yeah, I said “bevy.”)

The ColecoVisions Podcast: When the Colecovision console originally hit stores, the graphics and sound blew away their competition. Take a trip back to those days with William and SoCalMike as they talk about both Coleco and their flagship console, the Colecovision!

Floppy Days Podcast: Randy Kindig’s awesome retro-computing podcast features all kinds of retro computers, from the Atari and the Apple II to the TRS-80 and even the Commodore PET. Floppy Days features lots of other retro news and contains lots of interviews with special guests. Fans of retro-computing should not miss this one!

The Intellivisionaries Podcast: Paul “Nurmix” Nurminen, Rick Reynolds, and William “Burgertime” Olds do a monthly deep dive into the Intellivision system. Even if you didn’t own one or aren’t a big fan of the Intellivision, you will be one after listening to one of these episodes.

McCoyCast: Doug McCoy’s McCoyCast feed actually encapsulates three shows: “Crazy Creepy Cool Movies,” in which Doug talks about movies that fall into that category from his youth; “Never Seen It,” in which Doug and his wife discuss a movie that one of them has previously seen and one of them as not; and finally, “80s Anthology: Episode by Episode,” in which Doug (along with other Retroist regulars Vic Sage, Claymation Werewolf, and Phish) march though entire series of classic television programs (they’re currently doing the 80s version of the Twilight Zone). I honestly don’t know how Doug keeps up his pace as he churns out episodes faster than I can listen to them all; they’re all quality shows worth listening to.

No Quarter: On No Quarter, hosts Mike Maginnis and Carrington Vanceton spend a week playing a single arcade and comparing scores while dishing out the game’s details. Carrington and Mike have a unique chemistry that makes this show as good as the games the guys play!

Retro Computing Roundtable: Earl Evans, Carrington Vanston, and a rotating panel of guests get together bi-weekly to discuss more retro-computing things than you can shake a stick at. And that’s a lot of things! One of the biggest computing podcasts out there — do not miss this one!

Sprite Castle: Sprite Castle, previously a Youtube-based show, has joined the bandwagon and is now an audio-based podcast. On Sprite Castle, Rob “Flack” O’Hara talks about and plays Commodore 64 games. Rob says it’s the greatest idea for a show ever since he gets to play the games and all you get to do is listen.

OTR Playlist: OTR stands for “Old Time Radio,” and on this show Sean Johnson shares classic episodes of radio programs. A couple of recent episodes of OTR Radio have included episodes of “You Bet Your Life” and “Dragnet.” I have enjoyed listening to a few episodes of OTR Radio.

Throwback Reviews: On Throwback Reviews, Sean Johnson, Steve “The Door to Door Geek” McLaughlin, Rob “Flack” O’Hara and a rotating bevy of guests talk about retro topics and review retro movies. I hope this show is as fun to listen to as it is to record because we have a blast doing it.

Vintage Volts: If it’s old and runs on electricity, Vintage Volts covers it (and probably owns one). Whether it’s audio or video, be ready for Vintage Volts to school you in the ways of old.

You Don’t Know Flack: YDKF began in 2008, but really came into its own in 2012. On each episode Flack talks about something technical — either something old from his past, or something new that has to do with old things (like the Raspberry Pi or the MiST computers, both of which are new pieces of hardware being used to play old games on!). After listening to a few episodes of this show you will definitely begin to know Flack!

One thought on “About the Network

  1. Thanks for putting together this “network”. It’s helped me find more podcasts like the retro ones I already enjoy. My favorites are No Quarter, Retrocomputing Roundtable, and You Don’t Know Flack, but there are lots of great new ones here for me to try out.

    Loving the network, keep doing your good retro voodoo.


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