ANTIC Interview 36 – Charles Ratcliff, son of MAT*RAT

Charles Ratcliff, son of MAT*RAT

Charles Ratcliff is the son of Matthew Ratcliff, the prolific writer for the Atari magazines. Matthew Ratcliff — or MAT*RAT — died in 1999.

Matthew wrote for Antic, STart, Compute!, A.N.A.L.O.G. Computing, and ST-LOG. In 1986 won Antic magazine’s award for Outstanding Contributor. Here’s what they wrote about him:

“In 1985, Missouri programmer Matthew Ratcliff was really on a roll–publishing four major Antic programs on a remarkable variety of subjects. In March, he delivered the powerful printing utility Custom Print. Following in August was Atari ‘Toons, an ambitious animation program that we featured in a popular contest. In September, it was the innovative Revision C Converter that debugged a longstanding problem for many users of Atari BASIC Revision B. Then in December, BBS Crashbuster was a valuable safeguard for bulletin board sysops needing protection against destructive system-crashers.”

Charles dug around in his dad’s filing cabinets and found a lot of interesting Atari-related material that he lent me to scan. In it, you’ll find: Matthew’s a record book listing expenses and income related to his writing (which is fascinating look at the financials of an early technology writer), writing contracts for A.N.A.L.O.G. Computing, Antic Magazine, and ST-LOG Magazine, and a version of Matthew’s resume.

This is a different sort of conversation, in which I interviewed Charles about his dad, then he sort of interviews me about his dad, then we end with some technical troubleshooting on his Atari, which I’ve left in the recording because, why not.

This conversation occurred December 12 2014.


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