Bonus Xmas Podcast – Arcade Top 50

A lickle tiny giftington to the lovely listeners to tide them over the xmas holiday period.

Grab a Turkey sandwich and yer headphones and get stuck into two buffoons yapping about the top 50 arcade games as voted for by YOU, yes – YOU DECIDED!

Featuring :-
Dave Punisher
Pete Punisher
Death Equals Adder
Them ‘fork things’
Crashing a red car and a blonde woman falls out

Audio Contributors – thank you all so much!

Paul from Maximum Power Up Podcast
Listener Vipp
Lewis from Gamer Blackburn
Dean from Retro Asylum Podcast
Rob O’ Hara from Cactus Flak’s / Sprite Castle Podcast
The Drisk from RGDS Podcast
Pete Hahn from Galloping Ghost Arcade
Listener Flinnster
Paul from Retro Asylum Podcast
Listener Nes4life
Jeff Prescott from No Quarter Podcast
Jimmy G from Pie Factory Podcast
Stuart from Timewarp Arcade
Jason from Williams Defenders Players Unite / Delusional Arcade YT
Garron from RGDS Podcast
Vic Sage from Diary Of An Arcade Employee Podcast
Paul McCaskie from Game Music Gaiden Podcast
Listener Bobbi Iddod
“Defend Her Defender” track from band Octopous
Retro Rich Twitter
Kingy from RGDS Podcast
Sean from Pie Factory Podcast
Mark from Arcade Club
‘Perfect Pac-Man’ champ Jon Stoodley
John from the Arkadia Retrocade
Alex from Nintendo Arcade YT
Listener IamJimmi
Jake from Maximum Power Up Podcast
Listener Tronads
Mike from Retro Gaming Roundup Podcast
Andy and Jon from Get To Da Choppa Podcast
Taggsta from Arcade Perfect Podcast
Listener Nik73

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