#63: ABC – Date Stamp & Christmas Songs

It’s a Very ’80s Christmas Hour! What can be more seasonal than shopping? As Sophisti-Pop Godfather Martin Fry redevelops and repackages his metaphors, he ponders: Will love thrive in the trenches of retail? Even without a lifetime guarantee? Where’s that Mark White gone too?

Together we’ll hear from the glories of Christmas songs from a long time ago – and a newbie performed by DJ CK1 himself!


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#64: Olivia Newton-John – Twist of Fate

They’re two of a kind – featuring a double-dose of upbeat, power-packed, energy-fueled commentary and a sprinkle of tortuous laughter. Even if AK47 is not A.2.O.N.J., even if CK1 can’t pronounce “Farrar,” and he’s drinking Jimmy Buffett beer, and the Gobotron 2000 ain’t working – our montage of montages will release the twist of fate that will save humanity!


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#65: Tim Curry – Anything Can Happen On Halloween

It’s A Very 1980s Halloween Special featuring the spookiest songs from the dark decade. Also: AK-47 faces her coulrophobia and enters Kraftwerk rehab.


target=”_blank”>Our full Halloween Song YouTube Playlist (https://tinyurl.com/omvywcf)

” target=”_blank”>Nostalgia Chick’s Worst Witch Review (https://)

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#69: Murray Head – One Night in Bangkok

Where does Mr. Head get his kicks? Will the glowing heads elect the Arbiter as Dictator of the World? Can you hear the winking in his voice? Reagan gives Gorbachev a wedgie. What beer does CK1 prefer?

Other mentioned artists: Yaz/Yazoo, Anders Glenmark, Björn Skifs, Abba, Elaine Paige, Barbara Dickson, Pet Shop Boys, David Byrne, M, Zamfir, David Hasselhoff.

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