Episode 68 – Bomberman World (Arcade)

Bomberman World is part of a long running series of games that have touched many different consoles. We focus on the arcade version. Find out is we like it or think its trash.

Tv talk is back and we talk about the changes with The Walking Dead and the Netfix original series Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. Is it as good as the original movie?

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Episode 67 – Final Fight (Arcade, SNES)

WARNING: This episode could almost be as controversial as the game was! We speak all in good fun on some controversial topics. Please do not take everything we say seriously.

Final Fight was a hug beat-em-up from the late 80s early 90s tht was heavily influenced by many things from the time as well as heavily censored for different regions and systems around the world. Learn all about these things and more as we discuss one of Adam’s favorite games.

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Episode 66 – Nintendo Switch Conference Reactions

Nintendo finally announced the release date andeverything coming out for the system! We give you the entire scoop on everything from the system and what it comes with, accessories, and games announced for it’s release and the rest of the year.

We finally both got to see Star Wars Rogue One. Find out if its any good.

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Episode 62 – Contra/Pokemon Go (NES/Arcade)

Join Adam and Brittany as they bullet spray their way through the Konami run and gun Classic Contra. Find out if they prefer using the infamous Contra cheat code or not and if Contra has gotten any easier with time. They also discuss the Pokemon Go phenomenon and whether they are contributing to the traffic jams.

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Episode 60 – Splatoon

On this episode we review Wii U’s Splatoon. Join us as we paint our way through Octo Valley and discuss what we like and dislike about Nintendo’s colorful and creative third person shooter.
Adam introduces the upcoming movie Monster Truck and Brittany forces Adam to endure more Fear the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones talk. Also, don’t miss Adam getting gossipy with his first attempt at celebrity news. He’s got it out for Johnny Depp.

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Episode 59 – Free Comic Book Day

Brittany goes to a few shops on free comic book day. Be warned, all shops are not the same. She tells us all about how some shops run it right and how some shops can be really shady.
Adam visits a few modern arcades and is really disapointed. Can today’s arcade last like the ones from our childhood did?
Brittany tells us all about Captain America Civil War and Adam has had just about enough of Johnny Depp. We both talk about Alice Through the Looking Glass.

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