Episode 38: Turn it up to 11.

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Featured Games:

Vericella (Interactive Fiction)

Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru (aka The Frog For
Whom The Bell Tolls)

Granada (Mega Drive)


Interview with Composer “JREDD” Trevin Hughes


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We Can’t Stop Here, This is Nostalgia Country

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Guest Host: Dave Vogt

Vibb Ribbon (PS1)
Blade Lords (MSX2)
Super Castlevania IV (SNES)
Faxanadu (NES) Listener Pick: James Kephart

Sidequest: Nostalgia for games, will our kids still feel it?

Download Dave’s game “The Bounty”



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Episode 36: Outbreak

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Featured Games:

JJ and Jeff (TG-16)

Nitro Ball (Arcade)

The Lone Ranger (NES)

Listener Pick: Crazy Bus (Gen) By Erik Purscell

Sidequest: Swearing and game reviews? Hit, Miss, or #$&*!

Pixeltunes Radio

Tenpence Arcade

The Logbook

Joe Schmo Comic Show

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Episode 35: The Sledgend of Zelda

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A remake of “The Lost Episode” recorded originally a few days before. Things did not go much better for our heros, dropped calls, microphone problems, and Shining and the Holy Ark distractions. Somehow, someway the show went on.


Pit Pot(SMS)
Lucky and Wild (Arcade)
8 Eyes (NES)

Sidequest: CGE, Chicago Gamer Scene, AVGN: The Movie



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Retro Obscura 34: Witness Protection Featuring Vic from Ten Pence Arcade

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Retro Obscura 34: Witness Protection Featuring Vic from Ten Pence Arcade


You Call That Art:

Adam:Top Gunner


Vic: Robby Roto


Paul: Street Fighter


Alex:Crime Fighters

http://flyers.arcade-museum.com/flyers_video/konami/18112601.jpg http://flyers.arcade-museum.com/flyers_video/konami/18112602.jpg

Aaron: BodySlam aka Dump Masamoto


Feature Games:

Adam: Knuckle Bash (Toaplan) 1993

Vic: Pooyan (Konami) 1982

Paul Leprechaun (Pot of Gold) 1982

Alex:Sheriff (Nintendo) 1979 / 1980

Aaron: Boogie Wings(Data East) 1992


SideQuest: What home console game do you think deserved to have it’s own arcade game but never got one? 

Video Game Challenge:Uncle Poo

Pac Man Fever by Buckner & Garcia

I’ve got a pocketfull of quarters

And I’m headed to the arcade

I don’t have a lot of money

But I’m bringing everything

I made I have a callus on my finger

and my shoulder’s hurtin’, too

I’m gonna eat ’em all up

Just as soon as they turn blue

‘Cause I got Pac Man Fever (Pac Man Fever)

It’s drivin’ me crazy (Drivin’ me crazy)

I got Pac Man Fever (Pac Man Fever)

I’m goin’ outta my mind (Goin’ outta my mind)

I got Pac Man Fever (Pac Man Fever)

I’m goin’ outta my mind (Goin’ outta my mind)



The New Frontier Arcade http://www.ukvac.com/forum/welcome-to-the-new-frontier-full-waitlist-only_topic339830.html

Ten Pence Arcade: http://tenpencearcade.co.uk/

Throwback Network http://www.throwbacknetwork.net

Retro Junkies http://theretrojunkies.com/

Frank Cifaldi’s New Video Game Preservation Blog: http://gamepreservation.tumblr.com/post/96474841529/chubby-checker-dig-dug

William Culver – Arcade USA – Space Invaders Tribute Video https://

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Retro Obscura 33:Its a Sugar Cube

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We can’t stop here, man! This is Retro Obscura Country! Willie Culver Joins the boys in an enlightening conversation. Topics discussed: Pimp My Saturn Collection, Free HBO Weekend, The Sexiest Obscure gaming system ever, and the games!
We cover: A game about an egg. A game from a comedy magazine, and a game starring Kirk Cameron

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Episode 32: You’ve Become a Potato

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You Call That Art:

Paul: Aaargh!_Coverart.png




2 Of Your Finest If You Would:

Adams Picks For Paul:

1.Skull Monkeys (ps1)

2. Umihara Kawase (super famicom)

Pauls Picks For Aaron:

1. Magic boy (snes)

2. Plok  (snes)

Aarons Picks For Adam

1. Spelunker II (famicom)

2. Hard Hat Mack (C64)

Gamerdragon Submission

SideQuest: WTFlip happened to platform games?

Outspeak to my peoples

Throwback Network:

Pickford Brothers

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Episode 31: Role Playing with Dummies

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Aaron: Avernum
Dub:Radia Senki: Reimmeihen (Famicom)
sweet: crystal warrior (game gear)

VGC: Popeye (NES) For Robin Williams (Song:Friend Like Me)

Side Quest: Nearly every game today has what we call “RPG” elements. what are some of the best examples of non-rpg genre games, that have great RPG elements added. The worst?

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Episode 30: DO IT NOW

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Dub: Mikie (Arcade) (hugues johnson)
Dub:Mines of Minos (Rob Strudwick)
Dub: GI Joe: Atlantis Factor (No Swear Gamer)

Aaron: Happy Trails – Intellivision (Chris Bid)
Aaron:Binary Land – Famicom (Robert “Ferg” Ferguson)
Aaron: Tokyo Bus Guide (Dreamcast) – Robert Strudwick

Sweet: Alien Storm ( No Swear Gamer)
Sweet: Music Machine ( AtariTexas)
Sweet: BasketBrawl (Atari Texas)

Side Quest: How likely are you to buy a game based on a friends suggestion? What games were you pressured into playing that you loved/hated?


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