Podcast 81.5: Timewarp Arcade Visit

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m 0s
Timewarp Arcade Walkround – 03m 7s
More of what we’ve been up to – 23m 10s
Arcade News – 36m 33s

“>Arcade Club Floor 2 video
Timewarp Arcade Facebook Page
Museum of Games and Gaming
Monaco GP TTL game reprogrammed on FPGA board. Amazing.
Tamba arcade opens on the isle of Jersey.
Vertigo Arcade opens in the Trocadero 5D World.
Eugene Jarvis waxes lyrical about the current arcade scene.
Soviet Union Arcade vid
Arcade Expo 3, 17 – 19th March, Museum of Pinball, Banning CA.
RGDS Podcast – Best Game of 1981
Retro Games Night at The Batcave

Check the 10p High Score League Table

Metal Slug X, 1999 SNK.
Default settings, which are Lives: 3, Difficulty: 4, Time: 60, Play Manual: On. NO CONTINUES!

Submit your score on Twitter with #10pScore, or on Facebook as a comment on our podcast post. Pictures please!

Source:: Podcast 81.5: Timewarp Arcade Visit


Podcast 81 : Satan’s Hollow

‘Cor blimey guv’nor – it’s old Nick ‘imself chuckin’ dahn lightning bolts and thems gargoyleys lobbing unearthly stuff at’cha!

Listen to the podcast to see what the above actually means! A hellish game to review – do the Ten Pencers get posessed? Will they join a black cult and start listening to dark music (one already does) But it’s good old fashioned arcade fun at the end of the day – don’t worry!

Some poor unfortunate from ‘Down Under’ gets an 1800s battering from the Victorian insulters.

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m 0s
Arcade News – 19m 11s
Pickups – 27m 12s
Victorian Insults – 30m 35s
Feedback – 31m 29s
Shout Outs! – 43m 19s
Tech Tips – 45m 16s
Music Quiz – 51m 44s
Featured Game Review – 54m 51s
New Retro Themed Games – 1h 19m 56s
Next Show’s Game – 1h 27m 42s

Satan’s Hollow Flyer (Front)
Satan’s Hollow Flyer (Back)
PLAY Satan’s Hollow Online
Satan’s Hollow On I-Mockery
Satan’s Hollow On The Retroist
Hollow CABARET (Todd Tuckey Video)
Satan’s Hollow Playthru Video
Playtips On Gamefaqs
Live – Little Missile
Official Page
Arcades Live On In Japan!
Arcades Live On In USA
Video Of Arcade Gameplay From a 1981 ‘7-11′
Kong Extreme
Locomalito Games
Came From Verminest Video
Alan Stone (Nintendo Of America Co Founder) RIP
Guys And A Polybius (Hilarious Video)

Repro Dig Dug Cabaret so far…

Ignore the odd parts on there – just to check the sizes etc.

Charliefar 498,730
Nurmix 390,215
Taggsta 220,190
Mark Happydude 133,875
Shaun 125,565
Trollnads 108,295
Ash Malkin 101,820
Mark K 94,965
Ian Cullen 62,000
Lesoleil 61,260
Chris MoonCrestaBootleg 58,385
Greg Pell 51,575
Neil 20to5 46,210
Paul McCaskie 31,650
Matthew Bridge 31,405
Ross Ross 30,400
Andrew Driver 28,355
Victor 26,750
Paul’s Tweets 26,430
Rob PlayerMissile 23,685
Giggity 12,750

Check the 10p High Score League Table

Metal Slug X, 1999 SNK.
Default settings, which are Lives: 3, Difficulty: 4, Time: 60, Play Manual: On. NO CONTINUES!

Submit your score on Twitter with #10pScore, or on Facebook as a comment on our podcast post. Pictures please!

Source:: Podcast 81 : Satan’s Hollow


Podcast 80 : Solomon’s Key

Solomon’s Flea?, Solomon’s Pea?, Solomon’s Brie? No! SOLOMON’S KEY!

Where is it? Why does he keep losing it? Why doesn’t he have it on a chain around his neck – the silly wizard!

Shaun talks to Craig Turner about the upcoming Revival event.

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m 0s
Arcade News – 11m 46s
Pickups – 21m 03s
Victorian Insults – 23m 36s
Feedback – 24m 14s
Shout Outs! – 31m 40s
Tech Tips – 33m 38s
Music Quiz – 42m m10s
Featured Game Review – 44m 09s
Arcade Ports 2 Computer / Console – 1h 05m 41s
Next Show’s Game – 1h 08m 48s
Music Quiz Answers – 1h 09m 56s

Solomon’s Key Flyer (JP)
Solomon’s Key On Strategy Wiki
Key Completed Video
Masaya Nakamura Dies
Race World Record Video
Arcade Game Shadow Boxes
Mame Is 20 Years old!
8 Bit Flip
Nice Cup Of Tea And A Sit Down

Tech Tip Drawing

Chris MoonCrestaBootleg 2,112,820
Neil 20to5 921,710
Taggsta 518,890
Shaun 165,910
Darren Domination 111,150
Victor 109,210
Ian Cullen 106,920
Matthew Bridge 88,330
Mick Berry 84,940
Ash Malkin 70,860
Stuart Timewarp 59,450
Zipper 55,950
Chris CNP 54,410
Stacey King 54,110
Sinisteve 51,460
Paul McCaskie 39,200
Andrew Driver 28,750
Giggity 5,710

NEXT SHOW’S GAME – Bally Midway’s Satan’s Hollow
Mame Set 1 Lives 3,Difficulty 4, Extra Base 10k

Source:: Podcast 80 : Solomon’s Key


Podcast 79 : Amidar

Mazes! Apes! Pigs! Er, Paint Rollers? We look at an old ‘paint ’em up’ and discuss all things arcade, including one of us recently going to the EAG corporate show. Someone gets an insult Victorian stylee and a loved listener even gets a bit of a song by Brucie himself…

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m 0s
Arcade News – 27m 30s
Pickups – 42m 35s
Victorian Insults – 53m 51s
Feedback – 54m 31s
Shout Outs! – 1h 5m 31s
Tech Tips / Music Quiz! – 1h 9m 25s
Featured Game Review – 1h 13m 21s
Arcade Ports 2 Computer / Console – 1h 32m 09s
Next Show’s Game – 1h 35m 52s
Music Quiz Answers – 1h 36m 45s



Taggsta 248,790
Charliefar 218,350
Trollnads 151,060
Ian Cullen 135,310
Rob PlayerMissile 121,030
Shaun 82,290
Chris CNP 81,030
Chris MoonCrestaBootleg 76,740
Mark K 76,520
Mark Happydude 57,480
Neil 20to5 49,500
Andrew Driver 38,580
Mick Orwell 38,510
Vippers 29,510
Michael Lis 28,910
Sinisteve 27,410
Ross Ross 26,930
Paul McCaskie 25,220
Victor 22,050
Tin Brother Of Bronze 20,530
Stacey King 11,970
Matthew Bridge 7,420
MiniMissile#1 3,860
MiniMissile#2 2,240

NEXT SHOW’S GAME – Tecmo’s Solomon’s Key

3 lives. Difficulty, Timer Speed and Extra all set to NORMAL. Bonus Life at 30K 200K 500K

Source:: Podcast 79 : Amidar


Podcast 78 : Alien Syndrome

Christmas has been and gone and we’ve been off work enjoying gaming, relaxing and tinkering with things. Alan has had his syndrome and been to level 5 and looped repectively. Let’s get 2017 on line with more arcade goodness, HURRAH!

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m 0s
Interview With Andy @ Arcade Club – 18m 10s
Arcade News – 25m 18s
Pickups – 41m 20s
Feedback – 51m 07s
Shout Outs! – 1h 1m 32s
Music Quiz! – 1h 2m 55s
Musical Interlude – 1h 5m 29s
Featured Game Review – 1h 6m 53s
Arcade Ports 2 Computer / Console – 1h 40m 18s
Next Show’s Game – 1h 44m 6s
Blooper! – 1h 47m 51s

Alien Syndrome Flyer (JP – Front)
Alien Syndrome (JP – Back)
“>CharlieFar 1CC Alien Syndrome Video
New SNK Games?
Game Mania Blackpool
Battle Garrega on PS4
Starcade Returns!
Super Bario Glasgow
Arcade Tales 2 Facebook Comic
Arcade Games Turn 40 (Arcade Heroes)
Retro Games Party E-Store
SkyCurser Podcast
Victor’s Tinkerings Theremin

BBC Carnival
BBC Frogger
C64 Frogger

Charlefar 814,000
Shaun 728,300
Chris MoonCrestaBootleg 508,000
Neil 20to5 449,600
Ian Cullen 366,300
Vipp 353,600
Paul McCaskie 331,100
Ross Ross 324,700
Victor 289,500
Mick Orwell 273,000
Mark Happydude 244,200
Stacey King 206,300
Taggsta 203,200
Matthew Bridge 174,300
SiniSteve 158200
ButtonMashinFun 151,800
Trollnads 107,300
Giggity 61,400
Ruby 20to5 15,400
Rory 20to5 13,500

NEXT SHOW’S GAME – Konami’s Amidar, 3 Lives, Extra at 50k & 80k

Source:: Podcast 78 : Alien Syndrome


Podcast 77 – VS Dr. Mario

Seeing as we’ve never done any kind of seasonal podcast – Shaun came up with the excellent idea of an end of year review – so, here it is with a review of VS Dr. Mario for good measure!

Pills – everywhere! Can we help Dr Mario Phd eradicate the germs and, er, eradicate more germs? Colourful, puzzley fun this episode. Shaun’s been busy with a bunch of spreadsheets and pie charts for this episode too! Mmmm, pies…

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m 0s
Jan-Mar – 24m 57s
Arcade News – 36m 30s

Apr-Jun – 48m 16s
Pickups – 56m 06s
Feedback – 1h 3m 15s

Jul-Sep – 1h 12m 15s
Shout Outs! – 1h 25m 20s

Oct-Dec – 1h 30m 14s
Featured Game Review – 1h 48m 48s

2016 Scores Champion – 2h 9m 28s
Victor & Shaun’s Games Of The Year – 2h 13m 42s
Podcast Highlight Of The Year – 2h 16m
Next Show’s Game – 2h 18m 03s

Dr Mario Flyer (Front)
Dr Mario Flyer (Back)
Dr Mario (PC10) Flyer
Dr Mario Strategy (strategywiki)
Gunpei Yokoi
Pink Wafers In Trouble
Outrun 3?
Tiny Arcade Models (Japanese)
‘The Space Invaders’ Documentary
‘BEEP’ Documentary
Taitronics Facebook Page
Sholley Trolley
Data East Arcade Classics Book


John Monkus (Zaxxoff) 294,200
Chris Mooncrestabootleg 222,400
Tori 202,000
Lucy McCaskie 187,400
Victor 51,800
Bensonrad 38,400
Charliefar 38,000
Matthew Bridge 28,000
Ian Cullen 22,200
ButtonMashinFun 19,600
Shaun 19,400
Trollnads 15,000
Mark Happydude 11,000
Ross Ross 10,800
Rob Player/Missile 7,600
Stacey King 4,400
Vipp 3,800
Mini Missile #1 400



Sega’s Alien Syndrome – 3 lives, Timer at 150, Difficulty NORMAL, Rom Set 4

Source:: Podcast 77 – VS Dr. Mario


Podcast 76 : Motos

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear. Have we picked the worst game so far to play? Is it worse than Peter Pack Rat and Rolling Thunder? We decide! Actually, we’re doing this for the listeners, so they don’t have to – or that may be a lie and a good excuse to go back to some really good games, instead!

Listen out for a new segment on Console / Computer Ports From The Arcade.

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m
Arcade News – 22m 45s
Darren Domination @ PAX Australia – 23m 16s
Pickups – 41m 51s
Feedback – 44m 56s
Shout Outs! – 51m 14s
Tech Tips – 53m 45s
Featured Game Review – 1h 5m 45s
Console / Computer Ports -1h 25m 20s
Hardware Heroes – 1h 33m 32s
Next Show’s Game – 1h 46m 15s

Motos Flyer Front (JPN)
Motos Flyer Back (JPN)
“>Motos Completion Video
Athletico Mince Podcast
Eaten By A Grue Podcast
PAX Melbourne (AUS)
Custard Cream Horror!
For Ps4 & Vita
Happy Birthday Arcade Heroes!
Toaplan Music Interview


ButtonMashinFun – 58,600
Neil 20to5 – 53,800
Ian Cullen – 51,800
Paul Stickley – 50,800
Charliefar – 42,200
Taggsta – 35,400
Mark Happydude – 28,800
Matthew Bridge – 28,600
Michael Lis – 25,900
EddHorse – 24,400
Shaun – 22,000
Stacey King – 22,000
Ross Ross – 17,000
MadSte – 16,100
Alan Delta Lima – 14,400
Paul McCaskie – 14,000
Vipp – 13,700
Tronads – 6,600
Victor Couldn’t be bothered, HARRUMPH!

As Motos is so rubbish, here’s a picture of a nice sausage dog to cheer you up.

Look how bad the centring of the text is!!! HARRUMPH!!!

img_2307 img_8273

Nintendo’s Vs Dr Mario – Drop rate increases after 10 pills, Virus level 3, Drop speed SLOW
In game – Speed – NORMAL

Source:: Podcast 76 : Motos


Podcast 75 : Scramble

A game that took a tiny boy Victor until he was a gangly man Victor to complete. 26 years in total!
Can you invade the Scramble system, can you get a triple word score? Hold on, wrong game!
Don’t get a rocket up yer chuff, a faahr ball in the face or have a space invader flop on top of you while you go and destroy that weird enemy base at the end!

Beware the SSSS! and good luck next time again!

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m
COMPETITION Result – 7m 30s
Arcade News – 8m 54s
Pickups – 21m 37s
Feedback – 26m 04s
Shout Outs! – 45m 39s
Tech Tips – 47m 18s
POETRY (?) Interlude – 52m 08s
Featured Game Review – 54m 32s
Hardware Zeroes – 1h 28m 33s
Next Show’s Game – 1h 31m 0s
Catch Up Sky Skipper Chat With Alex Nintendo Arcade – 1h 32m 53s

Scramble Flyer (US)
Scramble Flyer (Euro)
Scramble Flyer (Japan)
Scramble Flyer (Denmark)
Scramble Flyer (Taiwan)
Scramble Facebook Page
Scramble On GameFAQs
Scramble On The Pie Factory Podcast
HOG IndieGogo Campaign
New 4 Quarters Bar
New Cardiff Barcade
‘Unlocked’ TV Show
New Arcade Games (On Arcade Heroes)
Arcade Mugs
Para JVE Vectrex Emulator

Charliefar 488,670
Shaun 323,260
Ian Cullen 236,720
Victor 140,000
Taggsta 114,690
Mark K 71,960
Trollnads 46,770
Ross Ross 44,690
John Battlezone Keay 43,310
Mark Happydude 33,070
MadSte 30,620
Giggity 26,140
Rob Player/Missile 25,010
DJRouge 24,500
Neil 20to5 24,460
ButtonMashinFun 22,810
Gary Ferguson 17,560
Alan Delta Lima 16,650
Paul McCaskie 14,410
Vipp 13,700


Deco Cassette Hardware-


Namco’s MOTOS – Lives 3, Difficulty Rank A, Extra Lives at 10k, 30k and every 50k

Source:: Podcast 75 : Scramble


Podcast 74 : Berzerk (Fast Bullets)

You’re locked in endless rooms of evil one eyed Roberts hell bent on ruining your day with deadly lasers, or a deadly wall, or a deadly Robert or a deadly bouncing ball with a face on it. There’s a pattern forming here… Anyhoo – blast them and keep running for the exit. Watch out at about 7000 points, as the deadly Robert lasers get REALLY fast!

What is a BUTTER pie?

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m
Arcade News – 29m 54 s
Rob Player Missile Walkround Of Portland Retrogame Expo – 30m 18s
Pickups – 48m 26s
Feedback – 53m 58s
Shout Outs! – 1h 02m 38s
COMPETITION – 1h 05m 35s
Tech Tips – 1h 07m 17s
Musical Interlude – 1h 16m 07s
Featured Game Review – 1h 18m 25s
Cabs You Never Knew Existed – 2h 00m 20s
Hardware Heroes – 2h 01m 34s
Next Show’s Game – 2h 33m 03s
Shaun & Alex UKVAC / Arcade Club Walkround –

Berzerk Flyer (Front)
Berzerk Flyer (Back)
Habo’s Arcade (Home of Berzerk Cabaret)
Gameplay (Video)
The Original Speech Chip
DOAAE Podcast On Berzerk
24hr Charity Gaming Event
Neo Geo MVS Flash Cart
DK C64 Remake
Mike’s Arcade Nintendo Buttons
Sky Skipper Restoration Project
Darius (Japanese Site)
Terra Force Remake On PS4
Daytona USA Returns
World’s Largest Arcade Cabinet
Unseen Virtua Fighter Characters
Namco System 22
Retro Game Challenge On The DS

Charliefar 18,050
Victor 14,660
Shaun 14,390
NotTronads (?) 13,550
Chris Moon Cresta Bootleg 12,910
Ian Cullen 11,820
Taggsta 11,680
Lesoleil 10,800
Matthew Bridge 5,540
Gary Ferguson 4,770
Mark Happydude 3,999
Vipp 3,360
Madste 3,300
Edd Horse 3,060
Stacey King 2,940
Andrew Driver 1,960
Giggity 1,550
Rob Player Missile 1,400
Mini Missile #1 880
Mini Missile #2 100


Scramble – Standard settings, 3 lives, extra life at 20k

Source:: Podcast 74 : Berzerk (Fast Bullets)


Podcast 73 : New rally X

Racing around in your blue racing car, picking up flags – when all of a sudden, an idiot in a red car BANGS into you! Why didn’t you do a blow off to stun him in his tracks? Learn this tip and more on the 10 pee documentary podcast. More terrible singing from the ten pence orchestra – sorry about that. Shaun has been Mr Helper again, while Victor has been busy on Centipede and Battlezone.

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m
Timewarp Arcade Walkround Audio – 2m 16s
Arcade News – 35m 57s
Interview With Time Crisis WR Holder Steve Raedis – 48m 35s
Pickups – 58m 22s
Feedback – 1h 4m
Shout Outs! – 1h 13m 50s
Tech Tips – 1hr 15m 20s
Musical Interlude – 1h 22m 12s
Featured Game Review – 1h 24m 12s
Cabs You Never Knew Existed – 1h 47m 39s
Hardware Heroes – 1h 49m 15s
Next Show’s Game – 1h 54m 20s

Namco Rally X Flyer
Rally Z (?) Flyer
NEW Rally X Flyer
New Rally X on StrategyWiki
Tucky On Rally X
Arcade Walkround Video
Art Of Atari Book
Iplay Gaming
Unknown Miyamoto Secrets
Polybius Conspiracy
Richie Knucklez Arcade On Motherboard.vice.com
Raiders Bally Astrocade Video
Classic Gaming Book Cast (Now FREE!)
SF5 & KOF XIV ‘Arcade’ Releases (Arcade Heroes)
Zelda Cabinet
Galloping Ghost In The Chicago Tribune
Pi 2 Jamma (No Lag) PCB
Kong City (ZX Spectrum)
Building a Supergun Arcade Interface (UKVAC)


Ian Cullen 174,320
Shaun 163,300
Madste 162,150
Charliefar 152,830
Mike Burke 149,360
Neil20to5 145,290
Trollnads 120,860
Mark K 116,200
Victor 114,860
Michael Lis 111,170
Vipp 105,180
Ross Ross 104,830
ButtonMashinFun 101,470
Gary Ferguson 93,990
Lesoliel 86,500
Taggsta 79,050
Mark Happydude 64,900
Chris MCBL 64,530
Alex Nintendo Arcade 53,500
Stacey King 47,990
Andrew Driver 47,060
Rob PM 33,050
Mrs. Ross Ross 16,180
Mini Missile #1 14,550


Berzerk (Fast Bullets) – Default settings. 3 lives, extra at 5k / 10k. NO BOX PATTERN! Mame Rom is SET 1

Submit your score on Twitter with #10pScore, or on Facebook as a comment on our podcast post. Pictures please!

Source:: Podcast 73 : New rally X