Podcast 93 – Donkey Kong

Oh my lord – this one is a big ‘un. Literally, an 800lb gorilla in the room! Barrels, fireballs, ladders, girders, apes! What more could one want from a single arcade game from 1981?

We were also present at the Cambridge History of Computing Arcade Experience and it was AWESOME. Listen in to find out how we got on with both of the above…

and remember…


What We’ve Been Up To Since The Last Podcast – 00:00
Arcade News – 14:45
Pickups – 21:46
Victorian Insults – 37:05
Feedback – 38:11
Shout Outs! – 48:52
Tech Tips – 53:16
Top 100 Games List – 57:11
Music Quiz – 1:02:17
Featured Game Review – 1:06:57
Next Show’s Game – 2:01:35

Vote For Your Top 5 Arcade Games

DK Flyer (US)
DK Flyer (FRA)
DK Flyer (JP)
DK on Startegy Wiki
rel=”noopener noreferrer”>‘Real Life’ DK
Donkey Kong Forum
Getting Married In An Arcade
Walter Day Collectable Cards
rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Sound & Light – Return To The Arcade
Tomy Dashboard Outrun Conversion
Arcade Blogger – Atari Ireland
Sull’s Blog – Mega Twins
Updates On System 16
Growing Up In The Arcades 1979 – 1989
Taggsta Wins At DK


Muscleandfitness (Allen Staal) 643,000
Charliefar 351,100
Greg Pell 260,200
Steve Tyke 259,200
Trollnads 224,500
John Singletary 201,300
Cynicaster 190,000
Nik SS 156,800
Taggsta 151,800
Victor 141,600
Edgewater Sean (Courtney) 139,200
Chris CNP 128,400
Sal Bugliarisi 122,100
Chris MCBL 121,800
Brian Hambo 110,300
Mark Happydude 94,600
Neil 20to5 92,100
Nik 73 89,500
Mike Burke 87,900
Ian Cullen 82,300
Samantha Kong Jr. 75,400
Mark K 69,400
HeIsJimmi 68,200
Sull 66,600
Shaun 52,600
Paul McCaskie 52,000
Tactical Genius 45,700
Ross Ross 38,500
Karl Parry 32,700
Delta Lima (Alan) 24,500
Ben of Steel 20,300
Andrew Driver 15,600
Bearded Zombie 13,400
Son of Delta Lima 3,300

Check the Ten Pence High Score League Table

Space Harrier by Sega
Rev A 8751 315-5163A
Lives – 3 (press the credit button only ONCE)
Extra life at 5m
Difficulty – Medium

Why not join in our just-for-fun high score contest?

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Podcast 92 – Mega Twins

Singing, dancing, impressions, the medium of higher thinking – you name it, we don’t cover any of it in this podcast. Cool arcade stuff, what we’ve been playing and a review of some bobbins game IS what we do this time. Oh yes. We ask ourselves is “Mega Twins” just a cheesey euphamism for a lady’s bosoms?

and remember…


What We’ve Been Up To Since The Last Podcast – 0m 0s
Arcade News – 22m 12s
Pickups – 41m 52s
Victorian Insults (Sneaky Music Quiz) – 52m 46s
Feedback – 56m 38s
Shout Outs! – 1h 5m 40s
Tech Tips (sort of) – 1h 12m 18s
Top 100 Games List – 1h 14m 5s
Music – 1h 18m 58s
Featured Game Review – 1h 21m 26s
Next Show’s Game – 1h 49m 46s
Music Quiz Answers – 1h 51m 41s

Mega Twins Japanese Flyer
rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Mega Twins Trivia (Video)
Other (Better) Games On CPS Hardware
New Tinkering! Atari Warlords Spinner Knob
Centre For Computing History *Arcade Experience*
Tempest 4000
Centipede Comic
rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Running An Arcade In 2017 With Toby Na Nakhorn
Upcoming Blackpool Barcade
Criminals Hiding Behind Cabs!
Strike Harbinger
Unlicensed MultiGame Cab Makers Busted
rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Chasing Games Video Trailer
Nintendo Switch ‘Arcade Cabinet’


Taggsta 270,360
Sull 201,770
Ben Of Steel 174,600
Shaun 152,370
Chris MCBL 123,900
Charliefar 121,420
Brian Hambo 115,250
Neil 20to5 109,190
Tactical Genius 98,330
Steve Tyke 84,250
Nik73 55,190 .
Victor 50,300
Mark Happydude 50,000
Ian Cullen 40,010
Paul McCaskie 39,770
Nik SIlver Smurfer 39000

Donkey Kong by Ikegami / Nintendo
Use default settings, which are:

Rom – dkong (US Version – NOT Japanese version)
Lives = 3
Extra Life @ 7000, but it doesn’t matter what this is set to, really.

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Source:: Podcast 92 – Mega Twins


Podcast 91 – Dr Micro

Well, well – we’re back after a summer holiday (of sorts) Has the evil Dr Micro poisoned the test tubes with cranberry juice and have the annoyed looking tomatoes cheered up yet? Flop, float and jump your way thru this simple platformer to absolute boredom! Yay. Hmmm.

What We’ve Been Up To Since The Last Podcast – 0m 0s
Arcade News – 18m 20s
Pickups – 35m 4s
French Biscuit Mini Review – 36m 14s
Victorian Insults – 40m 14s
Feedback – 42m 27s
Shout Outs! – 48m 15s
Tech Tips – 54m 5s
Top 100 Games List – 59m 12s
Double Dragon Intro Theme On Cool Stringy Instruments! – 1h 4m 7s
Featured Game Review – 1h 6m 39s
Arcade Ports – 1h 31m 43s
Next Show’s Game – 1h 39m 19s
Info On Upcoming Top 50 Best Arcade Games Podcast – 1h 41m 6s

LINKS: rel=”noopener noreferrer”>
Dr Micro Flyer (front)
Dr Micro Flyer (back)
HCG 101 Dr MIcro
Rcade Radio Podcast
rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Darksoft Taito F3 Multi Board Video
Raiders Of The Lost Arcades Article
Williams Predators Prototype At CAX
Walking Dead Acade Cabinet Unboxing
rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Namco Museum For Nintendo Switch
Galaga Chronicles
More Polybius Nonsense
Game Music Gaiden Podcast
RGDS Do 1984 With Our Shaun
Arcade Event 2nd Sept Cambridge Computer Museum

Charliefar 1,464,480
Chris MoonCrestaBootleg 672,530
Shaun 583,730
Sull 403,690
Taggsta 400,460
Ian Cullen 374,350
Nik Silver Smurfer 315,140
Ben of Steel 227,510
Trollnads 190,090
Sal Bugliarisi 178,000
Mark Happydude 498,120
Neil 20to5 139,570
Steve Tyke 134,000
Brian Hambo 131,980
Tactical Genius 131,510
Nik73 117,010
Paul Guy 84,550
ButtonMashinFun 65,800
Ross Ross 64,410
Victor 40,000
Stacey King 38,760
Mark Clayton 19,650
Edd Horse 13,710
Karl Parry 11,780
Silver Smurfette 3,300

Mega Twins, by Capcom 1990
Use default settings, which are:

rom – WORLD 900619
Lives = 2
Difficulty = 4

Submit your score on Twitter with #10pScore, or on Facebook as a comment on our podcast post. Pictures please!

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Source:: Podcast 91 – Dr Micro


Podcast 90 – Fantasy Zone 2

Welcome to the Fantasy Zone – get ready! For this show we delve into the multi-coloured eye-bleed world of Opa-Opa (so good they named him twice). This game plays a tad like Defender – but is it better? No. In fact, is it better than anything at all? Join us and find out.

What We’ve Been Up To Since The Last Podcast – 0:00:00
Arcade News – 0:16:40
Pickups – 0:26:19
Victorian Insults – 0:28:52
Feedback – 0:30:19
Shout Outs! – 0:43:20
Top 100 Games List – 0:46:36
It’s Only Golden Axe on PIPES AND BANJOS – 0:54:39
Featured Game Review – 0:57:07
Next Show’s Game – 1:28:13

LINKS: rel=”noopener noreferrer”>
Fantasy Zone 4 Player Medal Game

Banjo Guy Ollie YouTube
The Ataribox console design

rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Alpha1 Game Room Tour
Chinese Husband Pods
Tapper World Record
Arcade Tales
Sull’s Blog

Chris MoonCrestaBootleg 436,700
Neil 20to5 354,600
Sull 338,900
Nik73 293,500
Taggsta 278,000
Steve Tyke 201,400
Victor 195,800
Paul McCaskie 187,000
Ian Cullen 185,800
Ross Ross 173,400
ButtonMashinFun 165,500
Shaun 158,700
Ben of Steel 123,400
Charliefar 120,700
Karl Parry 116,100
Tactical Genius 53,300
Trollnads 36,900

Dr. Micro, by Sanritsu 1983.
Use default settings, which are:
Lives = 3
Bonus life at 50,000 and 150,000

Submit your score on Twitter with #10pScore, or on Facebook as a comment on our podcast post. Pictures please!

Check the Ten Pence High Score League Table

Source:: Podcast 90 – Fantasy Zone 2


Podcast 89 – Juno First

I could use this bumf at the start to subliminally recruit my evil horde of biscuit thieves, seeing as no one cares about what I write here.


But don’t tell anyone we told you to do so. Oh and play some arcade games, there’s a good chap / chapess.

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m 0s
Arcade News – 22m 35s
Pickups – 30m 26s
Victorian Insults – 40m 21s
Feedback – 41m 59s
Shout Outs! – 56m 26s
Shaun’s Tech Tips – 58m 18s
Top 100 Games List – 1h 2m 52s
Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins On BANJOS – 1h 7m 30s
Game Review – 1h 10m 01s
Console Home Ports Of Arcade Games – 1h 37m 05s
Next Show’s Game – 1h 40m 51s

Juno First Flyer (Euro)
Juno First Flyer (US)
Juno First Manual
” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Bosconian ‘Hard’ Version Video
Arcade Blogger Fits An Asteroids Multi Kit
History Of The Trocadero (London)
The “Bridge Direct” Frogger LCD Game
rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Videos Of Some More “Bridge Direct” LCD Games
rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Austin Swann 317705 Score On Sinistar
Players Returning To The Classics
Sull’s Blog
Olly The Banjo Guy Youtube Channel


Charliefar 2,161,950
Shaun 1,957,070
Trollnads 1,720,530
Mark Happydude 1,375,740
Nik Silver Smurfer 480,720
Lesoliel (Dr. Dean) 467,250
Taggsta 421,240
Sull 391,060
Russ J 343,780
Mick Orwell 274,490
Chris MoonCrestaBootleg
Steve Tyke 259,970
Rich Chunksin 194,750
Keith Beesting (Swiss Toni) 193,840 (later 570k)
Nik73 174,770
Chris CNP 168,400
Victor 163,500
Neil 20to5 158,500
HeIsJimmi 152,920
Ben of Steel 152,750
Tactical Genius 147,640
Graham Stuart 137,960
Rob PlayerMissile 121,260
Roly Retro 120,140
Keith Sheehan 119,030
Paul McCaskie 115,440
Ross Ross 115,080
Mark Clayton 99,510
Karl Parry 98,410
Stacey King 90,690
Connor Molloy 89,310
CNP Jr 65,170
Retromash 61,490
Andrew Driver 57,610

Sega’s Fantasy Zone 2 – Mame Rom ‘fantzn2′, lives=3, difficulty=normal, time=80

…AND NOT THE 2008 REMAKE (dated 1987 for some reason):

Submit your score on Twitter with #10pScore, or on Facebook as a comment on our podcast post. Pictures please!

Check the 10p High Score League Table

Source:: Podcast 89 – Juno First


Podcast 88 : Commando

Blah Blah Does anyone even read this? Biscuits.

Two podcasters not wearing underpants talking about playing games standing up in front of wooden boxes with TVs inside them. Buttons. Joystick. Thrills!

I may need help…

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m 0s
Jim Bagley Arcade Reveal – 3m 22s
Play Glasgow Walkround – 6m 14s
Arcade News – 36m 35s

Pickups – 47m 30s
Victorian Insults – 49m 56s
Feedback – 51m 10s
Shout Outs! – 1h 18m 17s
Tech Tips – NO!
Top 100 Games List – 1h 9m 3s
Game Review – 1hr 19m 18s
Arcade Home Ports – 1h 52m 0s

Next Show’s Game – 1h 56m 55s

Capcom Commando Flyer (front)
Capcom Commando Flyer (back)
Deco Commando Flyer
rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Commando 1CC Video
Krikzz Everdrive Store
Atari Box
AI Beats Ms Pacman?
Disney Quest Arcade Games Up For Auction
Top 20 Shmups (of all time?)
Searching For Street Fighter
Arcade Tales Comics Online
NERG 2017
Tony’s Blog
Neil’s Blog


Charliefar 558,900
Ian Cullen 144,300
Nik SilverSmurfer 137,400
Shaun 132,900
Nik73 114,600
Taggsta 108,700
Tactical Genius 81,600
Steve Tyke 81,100
Mark Happydude 76,400
Trollnads 75,000
Sal Bugliarisi 72,500
Chris MoonCrestaBootleg 68,300
Chris CNP 62,300
Paul McCaskie 61,800
Garron RetroShmupper 56,900
Neil 20to5 55,700
Mick Orwell 53,200
Vic 50,900
Ben Of Steel 46,400
Greggers Chunksin 46,400
Duc Dang 41,100
Paul Craddy 34,700
Andrew Driver 31,600
BoomGoPinball 30,700
Connor Molloy 30,000
Mark Clayton 30,000

10p High Score League Table

NEXT SHOW’S GAME:Konami’s Juno First – Lives 3, Difficulty 1,Konami ROM (Not Gottlieb)

Source:: Podcast 88 : Commando


Podcast 87 : Phoenix

At last! Another stone cold classic that has taken ages to get to – but are the listeners united in our thoughts or are the ‘features’ just too much to take? LAIR OF THE HATEBEAKS!!! SKRAAAWR!

New biscuit song!

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m 0s
Arcade News – 18m 25s
Pickups – 27m 07s
Victorian Insults – 33m 01s
Feedback – 34m 34s
Shout Outs! – 50m 14s
SHAUN’S Tech Tips – 57m 30s
Top 100 Games List – 1h 02m 51s
Music ‘Feature’ – 1h 7m 15s
Game Review – 1h 10m 55s
Next Show’s Game –1h 44m 32s


NERG 2017


Charliefar 170,290
Victor 85,800
Tim Keeling 79,040
Steve Tyke 76,530
Shaun 51,420
Taggsta 50,740
Roly Retro 50,470
Trollnads 40,560
Mark K 38,010
Tactical Genius 35,900
Neil 20to5 31,560
Jim Cain 26,350
Mark Happydude 26,010
Karl Parry 25,240
Sal Bugliarisi 24,360
Ross Ross 22,540
Ian Cullen 18,790
Mick Orwell 18,280
Andrew Driver 13,280
Chris MoonCrestaBootleg 13,230
Nik Silversmurfer 13,020
Richard Broadhurst 12,680
Matthew Bridge 10,730
DJRouge 10,170
Lesoleil (Dr. Dean) 8,880
Chris CNP 8,270
Mark Clayton 7,950
Giggity 6,760
Paul McCaskie 4,680
Retromash 540

10p High Score League Table

Capcom’s Commando – WORLD rom, 3 Lives, Extra Lives at 10k and every 50k, Difficulty Normal – No continues and NO LEDGE POINT PRESSING ALLOWED!

Source:: Podcast 87 : Phoenix


Podcast 86 : Uo Poko

Meoww! Cat paws, fish and magical balls are all in the podcast this time around! Shaun and Victor have been away for the weekend at the Revival Retro Event in Walsall, somewhere in the middle of the UK.

Bonus SkyCurser Pre Production review after it’s UK debut at The Revival retro Event.

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m 0s
Walk Around Revival Event – 14m 50s
Arcade News – 45mm 33s
Pickups – 1h 6m 29s
Victorian Insults – 1h 25m
Feedback – 1h 26m 14s
Shout Outs! – 1h 34m
Tech Tips – 1h 38m 17s
Top 100 Games List – 1h 48m 12s
Music Quiz – 1h 52m 55s
Game Review – 1h 55m 04s
SkyCurser Pre Production Review – 2h 11m 57s
Next Show’s Game – 2h 28m 55s
Music Quiz Answers – 2h 30m 27s

Uo Poko Website (Japanese)
Uo Poko Flyer (Front)
Uo Poko (Back)
Uo Poko Arcade Otaku Wiki
rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Kitten Mittons! Video
rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Let’s Play Cel Damage With Good Mythical More (video)
Ecstasy Of Order – The Tetris Masters Film
Dreamworld Pogie Kickstarter Page
Revival Retro Event
QPOKEY FPGA Reproductions
ArcadeBlogger Washes A Monitor Chassis?!?
Flyer Fever

rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Home Made Jubeat Control Panel #1
rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Home Made Jubeat Control Panel #2
Eeproms Explained


Chris MoonCrestaBootleg 2,418,000
Peter KmanSweden 1,382,200
Paul Guy 1,360,400
Neil 20to5 1,332,800
Nik Siversmurfer 1,116,700
Charliefar 1,106,100
Taggsta 966,200
Ross Ross 893,100
Tactical Genius 785,700
Mark Happydude 735,900
Retromash 716,100
Ben Steel 710,900
Michael Lis 692,000
Matthew Bridge 683,200
Mrs Genius 678,500
Tin 653,000
Andrew Driver 642,100
Victor 609,000
Ian Cullen 608,600 (Colourblind!)
Karl Parry 604,600
Shaun 602,900
Sal Bugliarisi 563,800
Nik73 522,600
MadSte 496,700
Trollnads 477,300
Paul McCaskie 436,500
Mrs 10p 402,000
Paul Craddy Kradsta 367,300
Rob PlayerMissile 316,800
Stacey King 276,400
Mini Missile #1 182,400
Steve Tyke 105,500
Mini Missile #2 72,200

Centuri / Amstar’s Phoenix
Lives=3, Extra Life at 3k and 30k (NO 204K BUG ALLOWED!!! – WE WILL KNOW IF YOU USE IT!!!)

Source:: Podcast 86 : Uo Poko


Podcast 85 : Road Fighter

This is a slightly different podcast recording – we did it together at chez Victor, had a walkround of the garage arcade and did the rest of it in a Swedish airport! Live walkround (well, we were alive) at Hey Stockholm as well as most of the usual stuff. Many thanks to Peter Koskimaki for making the Stockholm trip happen.

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m 0s
Arcade News – 9m 37s
Pickups – 17m 46s
Garage Walkaround – 24m 3s
Feedback – 34m 13s
Shout Outs! – 39m 13s
Top 100 Games List – 41m 2s
Game Review – 44m 02s
Next Show’s Game –1h 6m 40s
Noisy Walk Around At Hey! Stockholm Arcade – 1h 8m 20s

Road Fighter Flyer (Japanese)
Road Fighter Flyer (US)
Road Fighter Tips (StrategyWiki)
Road Fighter Manual
PC Engine SD (By StarForcePi)
OmegeDrive (By StarForcePi)
ABUG Facebook Group
ABUG Meeting at Cambridge Centre For Computer History
Expensive Japanese Vectrex Arcade Unit
Konami Apparel
” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Pete Hahn’s World Record Shinobi Run (video)
” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Tekken 7 Qualifier At Arcade Club (video)

Charliefar 613,320
Chris MoonCrestaBooleg 495,960
Shaun 332,360
Mark K 259,520
Nik73 185,340
Ian Cullen 183,280
Taggsta 171,760
Neil 20to5 131,650
Retromash 130,110
Mick Orwell 113,100
Ross Ross 111,050
MadSte 106,740
Sal Buliarisi 87,870
Tactical Genius 84,350
Mark Happydude 71,760
Nik Shaw 71,040
Paul C (Kradsta) 65,640
Trollnads 63,190
Michael Lis 56,280
Steve Tyke 54,930
Paul McCaskie 48,480
Karl Parry 45,910
Stacey King 39,660
Andrew Driver 33,470
Victor 22,770

Cave’s (Puzzle) Uo Poko – Chosen by Peter (KMAN) Koskimaki.

Difficulty – Normal, Continue Play – Off. If you need to change settings in mame, press F2 to get to service mode.

Submit your score on Twitter with #10pScore, or on Facebook as a comment on our podcast post. Pictures please!

Check the 10p High Score League Table

Source:: Podcast 85 : Road Fighter


Podcast 84 : Centipede

Busty, busty, busty – we’ve all been busty. Hold on – BUSY. We’ve been BUSY playing arcade games and writing about them, then yapping about them. Oh joy! This time around we’ve been in the garden and been blasting pesky centipedes with our disembodied head, while watching out for 8 legged mother flubbers. Diagonal poopers! Spin that trackball and listen to the ten pence arcade.

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m 0s
Play Leeds Audio Diary – 15m 40s
Arcade News – 36m 01s
Pickups – 46m 52s
Victorian Insults – 53m 32s
Feedback – 54m 42s
Shout Outs! – 1h 6m 39s
Tech Tips – 1h 8m 55s
Top 100 Games List – 1h 12m 50s
Music Quiz – 1h 19m 45s
Featured Game Review – 1h 23m 13s
Home Arcade Ports – 1h 54m 23s
Next Show’s Game – 1h 58m 19s


Arcade Cabinet Shapes On John’s Arcade
Hydorah – By Locamalito Games


Steve Tyke 606,205
Charliefar 285,570
Shaun 58,454
Ian Cullen 55,862
Victor 49,683
Nik Shaw (Silver Smurfer) 46,372
Rob PlayerMissile 45,208
Cynicaster 45,156
Taggsta 41,942
Tactical Genius 40,421
Mark Happydude 39,000
Chris MoonCrestaBootleg 35,070
Mark K 34,459
Paul McCaskie 32,204
Karl Parry 32,129
Tronads 27,489
Ross Ross 26,082
Neil 20to5 20,728
HeIsJimmi 19,820
Stacey King 17,281
Mini Missile #2 11,271
Mini Missile #1 9,326
Giggity 9,110

Konami’s Road Fighter – Number of Opponents: Normal, Speed of Opponents: Fast, Reduction of Fuel: Normal, No continues

Submit your score on Twitter with #10pScore, or on Facebook as a comment on our podcast post. Pictures please!

Check the 10p High Score League Table

Source:: Podcast 84 : Centipede