Episode 145: About Podcasting

Throughout the years, several people have asked me how to get started podcasting. I’ve never sat down and wrote or recorded an answer to that question… until now. With audio submissions from several of my fellow podcasters, this episode is packed full of podcast-related hints, tips, suggestions, and most of all, encouragement!

This star-studded episode includes submissions from:

Guy Hutchinson of the Adventure Club Podcast, Flux Capaci-cast, Drunk on Disney and several other shows, all of which can be found at TheACPN.com
Earl Green from The Escape Pod(cast) hosted by TheLogBook.com
Robert “Ferg” Ferguson, host of the Atari 2600 Game by Game Podcast
Rick and Paul from The Intellivisionaries
Doug McCoy of McCoyCast (including Never Seen It, Crazy Creepy Cool Movies, and the 80′s Anthology: Episode by Episode podcasts)
Carrington Vanston, co-host of both No Quarter and the Retro Computing Roundtable
Sean Johnson, founder of Throwback Reviews, OTR Playlist and my partner on Throwback Network
The Retroist, owner of Retroist.com and the Retroist Podcast

This episode talks a bit about making an outline vs. reading directly from a script. If you’re interested, here is the outline I used for this episode (PDF).


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