Episode 34–12…It’s The Magic Number

As we bring October 2015 to a close, it’s time to start looking towards the upcoming holidays, time with family and friends and hopefully some quality game restoration time! We’re definitely looking forward to the same and to help kick off ‘our favorite time of the year’ we have a new episode to help get you through some of that oh-so-quiet garage time applying bondo and huffing magic eraser suds. :)

One thing that never ceases to amaze is just how much you can accomplish, even on a short schedule. Both Brent and I were on the road most of the month for work and vacation, yet we still managed to cover off on a lot of topics:

Brent goes to Disney and gives us the low-down on Disney Quest, he makes some great progress on the Burgertime and gives the Big Guns the boot.
Whitney gets another Satan’s Hollow, wishes he had worked on the Zoo Keeper, laments starting on the Rally-X and almost drops an R-Type to its death.

Add to that we cover off on everything you’d ever want to know about rebuilding a G07, respond to a boat-load of feedback, Brent finally understands why magic marker isn’t OEM on the Burgertime and talk about why you don’t take Whitney fishing.

Source:: Episode 34–12…It’s The Magic Number