Episode 41- The Black Hole Notebook Ghostbusters?

The words ‘Back in the saddle’ has a lot of connotations, but we all know what it means in the land of BT – EPIC show at EPIC normal length! Smile

We roll out of April and into May returning to the studio and catching up on all things arcade and pinball since our livestream shows at the 2016 Louisville Arcade Expo. We sit down and catch up on hobby and project progress over the past six weeks, talk tech, catch up on quite a bit of pinball news and in an unprecedented display of shrewdness, showmanship and podcasting sound effects, Brent spends both his – and Whitney’s – money this month!

We also have the opportunity to hear from the ‘King of Flow’ himself – Mr. Steve Ritchie in our first ‘seminar segments’ from Louisville Arcade Expo. Steve talks about pinball design, the state of the industry and the economy, Game of Thrones and more. I apologize up front a bit for the audio – it required a good amount of post-processing but it came out really well all things considered.

Source:: Episode 41- The Black Hole Notebook Ghostbusters?