Episode 57 – Gyruss and James Bond 007 by Parker Bros.

This week’s episode deals with Gyruss and James Bond 007 by Parker Brothers. Upcoming games include Codebreaker, Flag Capture & Video Chess by Atari; Skateboardin’ and Title Match Pro Wrestling by Activision; Pac-Man by Atari; MagiCard and Video Life by CommaVid (tentatively); Submarine Commander and Video Pinball by Atari; and Thunderground and Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator by Sega. Send me your memories of these games or any games I’ve already covered to 2600gamebygame@comcast.net. Thank you for listening everyone.

This episode is dedicated to the memory of fellow video game podcaster Kevin Cronin.

Pertinent Links

Gyruss on KLOV
Alternate James Bond 007 artwork on Atarimania (scroll to the bottom)
GoFundMe donation page for Kevin Cronin
Video Game Rescue podcast
Bond movie intros, featuring the red swirly thing, which now looks like a gun barrel. I am a dope.
Atari 2600 Games of Willie – Gyruss

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