Episode 87 – Star Raiders by Atari

Well hello. Today’s episode is about Star Raiders by Atari. Fun game, but I did find some other games in this style to be better (spoilers). You can win a Star Raiders cart with manual, touch pad controller, and overlay! Just send an email with “Star Raiders Contest” in the subject to 2600gamebygame@comcast.net, or check Facebook and Twitter for a pinned post regarding the contest. I will take entries until 11:59 PM EST January 20th. Next week will be Okie Dokie and Stell-A-Sketch by homebrew programmer Bob Colbert. In the following weeks I will be profiling orcerer, Firefly, and Starfox by Mythicon; Hangman and Roadrunner by Atari; Threshold and River Patrol by Tigervision; Fast Food and Ram It by Telesys; and Brain Games and Frog Pond by Atari. Any feedback you have on these or any games I’ve already covered can be sent to 2600gamebygame@podcast.net. Thank you so much for listening!

Hukka Hukka

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