Floppy Days Episode 9 – The TRS-80 Model I (Part 2)

Second part on the TRS-80 Model I:

  • Personal memories from Terry Stewart (Tez).
  • Second part on the history of the machine, beginning with its introduction.
  • Second part of the interview with David and Theresa Welsh of Priming the Pump.
  • News, tech specs, peripherals, software, books, magazines, emulation, Web sites, modern-day upgrades.
  • Special guest host Earl Evans!!

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  • “Priming the Pump: How TRS-80 Enthusiasts Helped Spark the PC Revolution” by Welsh, Theresa; Welsh, David (2011-02-23). The Seeker Books. Priming the Pump Web Site – http://www.microcomputerpioneers.com/

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Source: Floppy Days Episode 9 – The TRS-80 Model I (Part 2)