Amigos Podcast Episode 99 – The Secret of Monkey Island

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Ep 03 “The Double Complete”

On this episode I briefly recap my double marathon attempt at the Sehgahunda Trail Marathon and the Buffalo Marathon. I recorded these recaps at different times and admit that the Sehgahunda recap isn’t the best audio but I think I cleaned it up pretty good.

Show links:

Buffalo Marathon

Sehgahunda Trail Marathon

Battle at Bristol Mt

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The Toys R Us Report Ep.120: Tales From The Dig Plus Tons More!

Hey kids! Thanks for stopping by. We have a super fun show ahead of us this week. We start off with some talk about The Airplane Soundtrack and some more audio tape stuff and then from there it’s onto At The Movies where we take a look at Tom Cruise’s latest, The Mummy. It’s supposed to be the door to an all new Universal Monster Universe

Then for the main event we talk about The Dig for a bit. There is a story about a dude who hates everything, Fidget Spinners, Pen Knives and Droopy Dogs as well as some thoughts from one of The Cannibals. It’s a real good time.

We finish the show off with some talk about a local show I’ve been digging called Creature Features. It brings me back to the days of my beloved and missed TV 50 with local advertising and a wacky horror host. Its a ton of fun. Here is there Facebook Page. They post complete episodes on Youtube. Give it a watch. I dig it the most right now.

Make sure to hop on over to Support The Report and check out how you can get the ISR Supertape VHS Tape! While helping to support the show. Man, we need all the help that we can get.

Also hop on over to The ISR Superstore and take care of some of your Retro Junk Shopping needs while also supporting The Toys R Us Report.

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Podcast 87 : Phoenix

At last! Another stone cold classic that has taken ages to get to – but are the listeners united in our thoughts or are the ‘features’ just too much to take? LAIR OF THE HATEBEAKS!!! SKRAAAWR!

New biscuit song!

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m 0s
Arcade News – 18m 25s
Pickups – 27m 07s
Victorian Insults – 33m 01s
Feedback – 34m 34s
Shout Outs! – 50m 14s
SHAUN’S Tech Tips – 57m 30s
Top 100 Games List – 1h 02m 51s
Music ‘Feature’ – 1h 7m 15s
Game Review – 1h 10m 55s
Next Show’s Game –1h 44m 32s


NERG 2017


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Mick Orwell 18,280
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Richard Broadhurst 12,680
Matthew Bridge 10,730
DJRouge 10,170
Lesoleil (Dr. Dean) 8,880
Chris CNP 8,270
Mark Clayton 7,950
Giggity 6,760
Paul McCaskie 4,680
Retromash 540

10p High Score League Table

Capcom’s Commando – WORLD rom, 3 Lives, Extra Lives at 10k and every 50k, Difficulty Normal – No continues and NO LEDGE POINT PRESSING ALLOWED!

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Geekfest Rants Episode 309 – Wonder Woman Review – Star Wars Laserdiscs

Has critical and box office salvation finally arrived for a DC film? It certainly has. Join us at GeekFest Rants as Carlos, Kyle and Kim review the newest DC superhero film, Wonder Woman. What’s the secret of it’s success? The lead actress? the director? the story? Probably all of the above. About time DC gets a hit on their hands.

Then Carlos takes a nostalgic look back the Laserdisc format especially with Star Wars films. What were these CD looking, record size, movie discs all about? And how did the Star Wars franchise contribute to it’s special important technological life span?

Source:: Geekfest Rants Episode 309 – Wonder Woman Review – Star Wars Laserdiscs


ANTIC Interview 285 – Jay Balakrishnan, HESWare

Jay Balakrishnan, HESWare

Welcome to an interview-only episode of ANTIC The Atari 8-bit Computer Podcast. My name is Randy Kindig. Jay Balakrishnan bought his first Commodore PET in 1978, which spurred him to found Human Engineered Software (HES or HESWare) in 1980. HESWare got its start on the Commodore PET but later moved into many other platforms. They developed or sold software for C64, Vic-20, Atari 8-bit, Apple II, Atari ST, Amiga, ZX Spectrum, Dragon, TI-99, DOS and others. Many Llamasoft games, through an alliance with Jeff Minter, were published in the US by HESWare. For the Atari 8-bit, they published games like Pastfinder, River Raid, Decathlon, Space Shuttle, Attack of the Mutant Camels, Gridrunner.

By early 1984 InfoWorld estimated that HES was tied with Broderbund as the world’s tenth-largest microcomputer-software company and largest entertainment-software company.

In early 1984 they made their biggest splash when they acquired the services of Leonard Nimoy as spokesman.

This interview took place on November 20, 2016.


Source:: ANTIC Interview 285 – Jay Balakrishnan, HESWare


Floppy Days 74 – Giacomo Vernoni, Commodore Vic 20: A Visual History

Interview with Giacomo Vernoni, author Commodore Vic 20: A Visual History

Hello and welcome to the Floppy Days Podcast. I’m Randy Kindig, your host. This is a special interview-only episode. I was able to track down Giacomo Vernoni(Jockamo VERnoni), a computer historian who recently published a book called “Commodore Vic 20: A Visual History”. As I’ve been covering the Vic-20 on recent shows, it thought it was very timely and that it would be great to interview someone who is very familiar with the machine and liked it well enough to publish a book about it. It was awesome to catch up with Giacomo and talk with him for a little while.

This interview took place on April 1st, 2017.


Source:: Floppy Days 74 – Giacomo Vernoni, Commodore Vic 20: A Visual History


138 – Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom by Sega

Biddi biddi biddi my friends, here’s an episode about the Sega arcade port Buck Rogers, Planet of Zoom! I hope that you enjoy the game and the episode. Next up will be Survival Run by Milton Bradley, which was packaged with its very own controller! Thank you to Strudders for sending me a copy of the game to give away to one lucky listener. If you’d like a shot at winning the game, all you have to do is guess the combined Strudder’s Score of Strudders himself and also Mini Strudders. So for example, if Strudders rates it 6 out of 10 and Mini Strudders gives it 5 out of 10, the entrant who comes closest to 11 (over or under, this ain’t the Price Is Right) will win the game! In case of a tie, I will use to determine the winner. Please get your entries in to me by June 26th, and if you have any feedback you’d like me to read on that show, please try to have it in by then as well. As always, thank you so much for listening!

Pertinent Links

Buck Rogers on KLOV
Buck Rogers Pinball on KLOV
Buck Rogers on Atari Protos
Swear Gamer 301 – Buck Rogers
Buck Rogers on Random Terrain’s site
Video Game Player Aug/Sep 1983 (page 21) on Atari Compendium
Rogers vs. the Tiger Men from Mars
Creation of Q*Bert, by Warren Davis on
All Things Considered segment on E.T.

Check out Jose’s awesome spreadsheet for the list of games I’ve already done, with links to the episodes! Thank you Jose!
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