207: Xmas ’83

Festive Firepower! Return with us to find out what was under the tree in Christmas ’83, as well as test-driving a lost, unreleased game that’s now up for grabs as a reproduction cartridge. (40:21)

Select Game will return in The Living Daylights February 2018.

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Attack Of The Timelord!
Original NAP Attack Of The Timelord! sales sheet (click to embiggen)
Special thanks to Scott Bolderson

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Smithereens! Smithereens!
Original NAP Smithereens! sales sheet (click to embiggen)
Special thanks to Scott Bolderson

The games

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RCR 161 – Living Computers

Panelists: Paul Hagstrom (hosting), Cynde Moya, and Jack Nutting

Topic: Living Computers: Museum + Labs

This week we are joined by Cynde Moya, collections manager, and chair of the acquisitions committee for the Living Computers: Museum + Labs in Seattle. We discuss various topics, including some of the new exhibits and acquisitions, philosophy of restorations, challenges in cataloging, availability of time sharing accounts, and lots more.

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Vintage Computer Commercial

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Intro / Closing Song: Back to Oz by John X – link
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ANTIC Interview 315 – Sarah Haskell, Computerized Weaving

Sarah Haskell, Computerized Weaving There’s a column in the November 1983 issue of Family Computing magazine, by Jon Zonderman: “Home Business — Compute, Control, and Create. A weaver combines the traditional skills of her craft with a computer and reaps more than one reward.” The article is about Sarah Haskell, a weaver who used an Atari computer to design patterns for weaving, and also to computer-control her loom. [Excerpts from the article.] My interview with Sarah took place on November 13, 2017. Teaser quote: “But with the electronic system, you did not have to get down on the floor and physically re-configure all of the treadles with these little metal hook things. You would basically just change it.” Article in Family Computing magazine Pictures of Sarah with an Atari 800 Macomber Looms and Me blog About Sarah Macomber Looms

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#43: Depeche Mode – Everything Counts

0:00 Intro of Rage 0:07 DM of the ’80s 0:32 Commercial Break 0:34 DM of the ’90s 0:50 DM Live: Was it worth it? 0:57 Clown Porn & Tom Petty 1:00 Stranger Things 2 Review 1:11 A Special Outro 1:14 A Special Sandwich

Featured Links:

rel=”noopener”>World’s Most Popular ’80s Halloween Video Playlist!

rel=”noopener”>DMK covers Everything Counts

rel=”noopener”>Flood talks about Enjoy the Silence

A/V Club Everything Counts song review

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Amigos Episode 121 – Theme Park

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Episode 31 – Controllers!

In this episode the gang catches up with what they have been doing since the last recording in July, then talk about some of the various controllers that were and are available for the colecovision!


SNES Omnibus


Max Reload and the NetherBlasters!

Video Games The Movie

EDladdin controllers


Various Colecovision Joysticks

Flashback Arcade ball mod video

Old School Gamer Magazine

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ANTIC Interview 314 – Randall Lockwood, Choose-A-Pooch

Randall Lockwood, Choose-A-Pooch There’s an article in the August 1984 issue of Family Computing magazine, by Bill Camarda — Behind The Screens: Family Dog. It’s about Choose-A-Pooch, an Atari computer program created by Dr. Randall Lockwood, to help match people with the breed of dog that will work best in their living situation. I interviewed Dr. Lockwood on November 10, 2017. “Trying to get away from the fact that people were often choosing dogs based more on just appearance, without knowing that much about the breed.” Family Dog article in Family Computing magazine Randall Lockwood bio Bid-A-Wee Animal Shelter

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