Podcast 83 : The New Zealand Story

We’ve been tasked with rescuing our tiny Kiwi friends from an evil walrus!

No, we’ve not been hallucinating – we’ve been playing The New Zealand Story from those crazy dudes at Taito. Flying about on balloons and magical geese while lobbing bombs at mean teddy bears and er, spiky things. Lots of spiky things. Too many spiky things perhaps.

More world records for our friends Charlie Far (David) and Pete Hahn (former GG gamer of the year)

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m 0s
Arcade News – 5m 58s
Pickups – 23m 58s
Victorian Insults – 35m 35s
Feedback – 36m 31s
Shout Outs! – 41m 5s
Top 100 Games List – 44m 6s
Music Interval – 58m 50s
Featured Game Review – 58m 44s
Next Show’s Game – 1h 24m 8s


“>Funko Toys Unboxing Video
The Retro Hunter Cool Retro Video Games Shop

Charliefar 837,150
Taggsta 333,720
Shaun 157,690
Ian Cullen 145,500
Chris MoonCrestaBootleg 130,770
Chris CNP 119,130
Karl Parry 89,380
Stuart Timewarp 64,460
Stacey King 51,950
Mark Happydude 51,010
Victor 45,110
Edd Horse 33,090
Paul McCaskie 29,240

Check the 10p High Score League Table


Atari’s Centipede, ROM Revision 4, Lives: 3, Extra Lives: Every 12,000, Difficulty: Easy

Submit your score on Twitter with #10pScore, or on Facebook as a comment on our podcast post. Pictures please!

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Telstar PongCast Episode 2 – #6045 The Classic!

In this episode the Telstar Classic is discussed, Ferg joins in and we talk about all sorts of fun things :)


MS Walk Ferg and Sarah are doing

Pong Museum

Coleco Popcorn Popper

Coleco Snow Jet

National Videogame Museum

Video Games then and Now Sean Kelley Store

Scrabble history

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RCR Episode 150

Panelists: Earl Evans (hosting), Paul Hagstrom, Michael Mulhern, and Jack Nutting

Host’s Topic: Spring cleaning

Do you remove the accumulated goop? How do you remove the accumulated goop?

Topic/feedback links:

Retro Computing News:

Vintage Computer Commercial

Retro Computing Gift Idea:

Auction Picks:

Closing notes:


Intro / Closing Song: Back to Oz by John X – link
Show audio files hosted by CyberEars


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To commemorate the extraordinary life and career of comedian Don Rickles, who died today at age 90, I’m posting this TUBE TUNES TURBO TUNE episode about the TV series for which he’ll probably be best remembered: CPO SHARKEY, which ran on NBC from 1976 to 1978. The theme music for CPO SHARKEY was composed by Peter Matz, a veteran of THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW. I hope you enjoy this brief look at (and listen to) the theme music of a very funny show with a very funny man.



The SNES Podcast #70 — Board Games

In this special episode of the SNES Podcast Greg and George are joined by Ferg from the Atari 2600 Game by Game podcast to discuss the board game conversions that were on the SNES. We discuss three games — Monopoly, Clue, and Super Battleship. Some history of the games is gone over, followed by how the games were ported to the SNES and how they play, and if they are worthwhile. Thank you again for your support! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. please check us out on our FB page or you can e-mail me at thesnespodcast@yahoo.com

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Amigos Podcast Episode 89 – Attack of the Clones!

Download Mp3 (right-click and Save As)

“>Watch us play it!

Thanks to our supporters: Brutal Barracuda, Alan Kebab, David McCrandles, Gary Hucker, Will Williams, Ravi Abbott, Kim Tommy Humbortstad, Josh Nan, Jason Warnes, Lane, Eric Nelson, Graham W Wöbcke, Paul Harrington, Rob O’Hara,, Laurent Giroud, Jonas Rullo, Kolbjørn Barmen, Tapes From the Crypt, Adam Bradley,Chris Foulds, Daniel Bengston, O’Brien’s Retro and Vintage, Chad Halstead, and Brent Doughty!
Special thanks to Zeusdaz, World of Longplays, and Retro Gameplay Channel for in-game footage!
Much more at EverythingAmiga.com.

Next Week: Marvin’s Marvelous Adventure

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#48: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – Souvenir

:00 Semi-Professional Intro
:03 “It’s So Hard”
:13 Some Albums
:18 If You Leave Duckie
:26 Commercial Break
:30 More OMD (OMG!)
:41 Shame of AK-47 (explicit)
:45 DM’s Spirit Prereview
:48 Listener Mail
:52 As the Balls Drop

Featured Links:

Please Please Do Our (Very Short) Survey!

“>OMD Documentary

Throwback Reviews Podcast

Stuck in the ’80s Podcast

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The Mr. Sensational Gino Vega Podcast Ep.5: My Life With Music Part 3. Thrash Metal, Rockers Vs. Rappers and Faith No More.

Hey everybody, it is I, “Mr. Sensational” Gino Vega, back with Episode 5 of the “Mr. Sensational” Gino Vega Podcast on the I See Robots Radio Network.

This episode I talk about an All Pro Wrestling show I attended back in February, then it’s on to part 3 of my history as a fan of popular music.

We’ll discuss my descent into thrash metal, memories of the “rockers vs. rappers” war at my junior high school, and my discovery of the band Faith No More, which acted as a bridge from metal to punk music.

Thanks for listening, and be sure to visit iseerobots.com for the rest of the great podcast lineup the I See Robots Radio Network has to offer!

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Episode 118

In this episode, we get together with George “GW” Whittaker of Big Fun Amusements, and Gene Wills to discuss the latest pinball machines from Stern, JJP, Heighway Pinball, Planetary Pinball, Spooky Pinball, and American Pinball.

Keep up with Big Fun Amusements via George’s Facebook page, as he posts anything for sale there first:


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