205: Back To The Arcade!

Winking Frogs! Gather ye quarters while ye may…you’ll need them to save up for Super Cobra, Frogger, and Turtles! on the Odyssey2 and Videopac. Also homebrew news galore. Winking froggies included, some assembly required. (36:03)

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Episode 16 – Weird OH’s and Code Name Sector!

In this episode the cool Weird OH’s are examined and discussed by ArKay while Willie! Laments about his Code Name Sector game! Norm talks about the cool Milton Bradley game Laser Attack in the Board Game Corner. Lots of fun retro content abound in this episode, so grab a drink and sit right back for another fun filled episode of The Toy Tomb!

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“>Laser Attack Game
Retro Artifacts Store
Loony Bin Store
Shack Robot Bank
Toys that Made Us
Atari XEGS podcast
Plastic Galaxy Documentary
Things 2 promo
Midge toy car history
Little People Farm
Billy Galaxy
Bridge Direct Electronic Games
Ricks Comics
“>Mattel Master Caster
Rod Hootenanny
Big Daddy Roth Info
Bill Cambell Info
Weird OH’s Models

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Episode 72 – Atari Lynx and Blue Lightning (Lynx)

Because you asked for it! Find out all the history of the little talked about but revolutionary system the Atari Lynx and Blue Lightning, the flagship game for the system!

Game of Thrones is back on the air so of course we have to talk about it. SPOILER ALERT! If you dont want spoilers, skip that part.

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140 – Space Raid by Oscar Toledo Gutierrez

Space Raid is a homebrew game by Oscar Toledo Gutierrez that is what Zaxxon should have been on the 2600. I had a lot of fun playing it, Oscar did a great job programming it. I hope you enjoy the episode. Next up will be Enduro by Activision! Please check the blog page for the list of other upcoming games. You can send any feedback you have on any upcoming game or any game I’ve covered to 2600gamebygame@gmail.com. Thank you so much for listening! Pertinent Links Oscar’s web site Interview with Oscar by Tim Duarte Original AA Space Raid thread by Oscar Interest Check AA thread by Oscar Preorder AA thread by Collectorvision Get IntyBasic Showcase 1 at Intellivision Revolution Team Pixelboy Budget Series (no longer available; scroll down to see the games) GoSub for Intellivision by 2600 Connection Ms. Hack by Nukey Shay AA thread Anguna WIP AA thread Jala’s GoFundMe page Jala’s Twitch page

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The Toys R Us Report Ep.124: Apes, Iceberg 13 Plus The Surprise Ending Of All Surprise Endings.

Hey kids! Thanks for stopping by. We have a super fun show ahead of us this week. We start off with some talk about Young MC and a new tune from Engineer Emily and The Ensign From Pod B. From there we talk to Iceberg and move into At The Movies where we talk about a TON of different movies, Apes, The Big Sick, The Belko Experiment and a few more.

For the last segment we start off with some Comic-Con news and then all of a sudden it happened! A shocking turn of events that no one on board the station saw coming. If you only listen to one episode a year, make it this one….

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Amigos Podcast Episode 105 – Super C

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“>Watch us play it!

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Next Week: Sleepwalker!

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Podcast 90 – Fantasy Zone 2

Welcome to the Fantasy Zone – get ready! For this show we delve into the multi-coloured eye-bleed world of Opa-Opa (so good they named him twice). This game plays a tad like Defender – but is it better? No. In fact, is it better than anything at all? Join us and find out.

What We’ve Been Up To Since The Last Podcast – 0:00:00
Arcade News – 0:16:40
Pickups – 0:26:19
Victorian Insults – 0:28:52
Feedback – 0:30:19
Shout Outs! – 0:43:20
Top 100 Games List – 0:46:36
It’s Only Golden Axe on PIPES AND BANJOS – 0:54:39
Featured Game Review – 0:57:07
Next Show’s Game – 1:28:13

LINKS: rel=”noopener noreferrer”>
Fantasy Zone 4 Player Medal Game

Banjo Guy Ollie YouTube
The Ataribox console design

rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Alpha1 Game Room Tour
Chinese Husband Pods
Tapper World Record
Arcade Tales
Sull’s Blog

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The SNES Podcast #77 — Brain Lord

In this episode, Greg and George are joined special guest Aaron as we talk about an obscure action RPG that Aaron brought to the table — Brain Lord from Enix. This short game is packed with puzzles and challenging boss fights, a really good sound track, and offers gameplay with elements of Zelda and Soul Blazer mixed into it. The three of us discuss the game, how it plays, and if it’s worth checking out. Any questions, comments, feedback, etc. can be left on our FB page or you can e-mail me at thesnespodcast@yahoo.com and as always thanks for your support!

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