Podcast 35 : Green Beret aka Rush ‘n’ Attack

Stabby, stabby, stabby! Guide your Green Beret special forces beef cake to rescue the prisoners! Avoid MODs, rabid poodles and mini choppers to free your comrades. This week’s podcast is a multiple ping podcast – Ooooh, you lucky listeners, you!

Podcast Highlights
Intro’s and what we’ve been up to – 0m 0s
Arcade News – 9m 06s
Pickups – 19m 53s
Competition results – 18m 40s
Feedback – 28m 02s
Shoutouts! – 46m 13s
Games That Should’ve Been In The Arcade – 50m 16s
Musical Interlude – 53m 45s
Featured Game Review – 54m 40s
Art Of Sideart – 1h 36m 17s
Releases From This Month In History – 1hr 39m 56s
Next Show’s Game – 1hr 44m 17s
Out take – 1hr 45m 55s

Rush ‘n’ Attack Flyer
Green Beret Flyer
Green Beret Walkthru
Cabinet Examples on KLOV
Rush ‘n’ Attack Conversion Manual
Collectaholics on Arcade Club
Acrylic Ms Pacman Cabinet
PLAY Margate August 2015
UK Pinball Party
Midwest Gaming Classic Show Video
PLAY Blackpool
Coolest Classroom EVER!
Heighway Pinball LCD
Final Fantasy Dissidia Arcade Fighter
Amusement Expo 2015 Flyers
i-Attack Desert Modern EM Game
Innovations in Pinball
A Chinese Arcade Trade Show
Arc-Aid 3
Retro Domination Podcast
The Underground Retrocade Chicago
Pinball Database

Olli Olli (Various)
(PS Vita)

Atari Orbit Machine
Konami / Stern Scramble Machine

Victor’s Score – 186820
MadSteDotCom – 173480
Shaun’s Score – 168260
Vipp1990 – 132610

Victor’s Fantasy Cabinets List (FULL UP!) –
Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, Bosconian, Asteroids Deluxe, Death Race, Food Fight, Tazz Mania, Q*Bert, Space Zap!, SkyCurser

Shaun’s Fantasy Cabinet’s List (FULL UP) –
1942, Galaxian, Wonderboy, Dodonpachi Daioujou, Rygar, Vulgus, Star Force, Eyes, Berzerk, Q*Bert

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