Podcast 40 : Viewpoint

Ok, someone was silly enough to choose a game that is harder than Satan’s balls and tougher than concrete nails dipped in Kryptonite. That person has been dealt with. The Ten Pence Arcade Podcast does not do hard games. We’re fluffy pussycats and can’t handle such things. :)

Intros and what we’ve been up to – 0m 0s
Arcade News – 7m 42s
Pickups – 17m 20s
Feedback – 29m 20s
Shoutouts! – 41m 32s
Forgotten Gems – 44m 26s
Musical Interlude – 50m 54s
Featured Game Review – 53m 11s
Art Of Sideart – 1h 27m 46s
Releases From This Month In History – 1h 30m 48s
Next Show’s Game – 1h 34m 55s

Viewpoint Flyer (Front)
Viewpoint Flyer (Back)
Player Missile Podcast (featuring Victor)
Neil1637’s NERG Writeup
Retro Domination Podcast (featuring both of us)
10p Arcade Podcast T Shirts
Universal Space: Galactic Force
Tekken 7 Location Test
Pacman Kill Screen – Beaten?
1998 Battlezone Remastered
(No More) No Quarter :(
New Rampage Film
Full Blast Arcade in Ohio
Star Wars Battle Pod Unboxing
Tutstronix New Vectrex Arcade Games
Darren Hatton Finishing Gradius On One Life!
Apicary NeoGeo Song

Pandora’s Palace
Tube Panic


Shaun’s Score – 233900
Ian Cullen – 114700
Zipper – 108510
Victor’s Score – 101840
MadSte – 75000

Game List For Future Episodes

Next Show’s Game is Kicker (aka Shao Lin’s Road) By Konami
(Twin Galaxies Extreme Settings – 2 Lives to Start ,1 Extra Life at 50,000 points, Difficulty = Hardest)

Victor’s Fantasy Cabinets List (FULL UP!) –
Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, Bosconian, Asteroids Deluxe, Death Race, Food Fight, Tazz Mania, Q*Bert, Space Zap!, SkyCurser

Shaun’s Fantasy Cabinet’s List (FULL UP) –
1942, Galaxian, Wonderboy, Dodonpachi Daioujou, Rygar, Time Pilot, Star Force, Eyes, Berzerk, Q*Bert

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