Podcast 88 : Commando

Blah Blah Does anyone even read this? Biscuits.

Two podcasters not wearing underpants talking about playing games standing up in front of wooden boxes with TVs inside them. Buttons. Joystick. Thrills!

I may need help…

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m 0s
Jim Bagley Arcade Reveal – 3m 22s
Play Glasgow Walkround – 6m 14s
Arcade News – 36m 35s

Pickups – 47m 30s
Victorian Insults – 49m 56s
Feedback – 51m 10s
Shout Outs! – 1h 18m 17s
Tech Tips – NO!
Top 100 Games List – 1h 9m 3s
Game Review – 1hr 19m 18s
Arcade Home Ports – 1h 52m 0s

Next Show’s Game – 1h 56m 55s

Capcom Commando Flyer (front)
Capcom Commando Flyer (back)
Deco Commando Flyer
rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Commando 1CC Video
Krikzz Everdrive Store
Atari Box
AI Beats Ms Pacman?
Disney Quest Arcade Games Up For Auction
Top 20 Shmups (of all time?)
Searching For Street Fighter
Arcade Tales Comics Online
NERG 2017
Tony’s Blog
Neil’s Blog


Charliefar 558,900
Ian Cullen 144,300
Nik SilverSmurfer 137,400
Shaun 132,900
Nik73 114,600
Taggsta 108,700
Tactical Genius 81,600
Steve Tyke 81,100
Mark Happydude 76,400
Trollnads 75,000
Sal Bugliarisi 72,500
Chris MoonCrestaBootleg 68,300
Chris CNP 62,300
Paul McCaskie 61,800
Garron RetroShmupper 56,900
Neil 20to5 55,700
Mick Orwell 53,200
Vic 50,900
Ben Of Steel 46,400
Greggers Chunksin 46,400
Duc Dang 41,100
Paul Craddy 34,700
Andrew Driver 31,600
BoomGoPinball 30,700
Connor Molloy 30,000
Mark Clayton 30,000

10p High Score League Table

NEXT SHOW’S GAME:Konami’s Juno First – Lives 3, Difficulty 1,Konami ROM (Not Gottlieb)

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