Podcast 91 – Dr Micro

Well, well – we’re back after a summer holiday (of sorts) Has the evil Dr Micro poisoned the test tubes with cranberry juice and have the annoyed looking tomatoes cheered up yet? Flop, float and jump your way thru this simple platformer to absolute boredom! Yay. Hmmm.

What We’ve Been Up To Since The Last Podcast – 0m 0s
Arcade News – 18m 20s
Pickups – 35m 4s
French Biscuit Mini Review – 36m 14s
Victorian Insults – 40m 14s
Feedback – 42m 27s
Shout Outs! – 48m 15s
Tech Tips – 54m 5s
Top 100 Games List – 59m 12s
Double Dragon Intro Theme On Cool Stringy Instruments! – 1h 4m 7s
Featured Game Review – 1h 6m 39s
Arcade Ports – 1h 31m 43s
Next Show’s Game – 1h 39m 19s
Info On Upcoming Top 50 Best Arcade Games Podcast – 1h 41m 6s

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Karl Parry 11,780
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Mega Twins, by Capcom 1990
Use default settings, which are:

rom – WORLD 900619
Lives = 2
Difficulty = 4

Submit your score on Twitter with #10pScore, or on Facebook as a comment on our podcast post. Pictures please!

Check the Ten Pence High Score League Table

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