RCR Episode 63

Panelists: Carrington Vanston (hosting), Earl Evans, and Paul Hagstrom


Vintage Computer Commercial:

Retro Computing Gift Idea:

Auction Picks:

Intro / Closing Song: Back to Oz by John X – link
Show audio files hosted by CyberEars


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One thought on “RCR Episode 63

  1. Regarding performance:

    Right now, JSMESS runs at machine speed in most cases, in most modern browsers. I am finding Firefox is winning the speed game, but Chrome’s version coming down in a month or two will match up.

    There’s a site, http://arewefastyet.com/ – it shows you how the average javascript engines are speeding up and performing over time.

    Glad you guys get it! Work continues on JSMESS and every week brings notable improvements. As you might notice, the jsmess.textfiles.com one has all the beta weirdness and the Internet Archive has the more button down and dependable.

    In a year, people will act like this was always the case, like they do with video and audio in the browser.

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