Real Genius (1985) With Doug McCoy

Episode 20 On this episode Sean, Door & Rob are joined by Doug McCoy from the McCoyCast to talk about the 1985 film Real Genius starring Val Kilmer.

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One thought on “Real Genius (1985) With Doug McCoy

  1. I’m so glad you guys covered this movie. I saw this movie on cable, loved it, and then a few years later attended Caltech (the real life Pacific Tech).

    A LOT of this movie is based on real events and places at Caltech. The house (not a fraternity but what Caltech calls its dorms) I belonged to was the basis of the dorms in the movie. Some of the exteriors were shot on the Caltech campus and they reproduced a lot of real student graffiti and room designs for the movie. The Saturn mural in Mitch and Chris’ room is real (although the actual room is a single, not a double). The steam tunnels that Lazlo lives in- totally real and one former student did manage to live unnoticed in them for awhile. Lazlo’s spamming a contest is based on a real McDonald’s contest in which one house at Caltech won the majority of the prizes (that they donated to charity). It forced all such contests in the future to have a long list of restrictions on mechanically-generated entries.

    One girl in my class is the little sister of the Tech consultant for the movie. He appears as the guy who just says “Hey” to Mitch and Chris as they are gassing Kent.

    There a lot of inside jokes and random dialog that only Techers would get. For instance, the letters D.E.I. appear throughout the movie (the most prominent being Jerry’s sponsor, Darlington Electronics Institute). D.E.I. is sort of a signature for Caltech pranks that has shown up on everything from the space probes to The Tonight Show to Rose Bowl games. In a six-degrees-of-Throwback, it also appears in several Intellivision games that were created by APh Technology-which itself was founded by Caltech alums and named after the Applied Physics courses at Caltech.

    So I’m happy to say my college experience did match my expectations set by the movie- minus the space lasers, student beauticians, and corrupt professors.

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