Retro Obscura 50: Return


Aaron, Adam and Paul return from a hiatus (some longer than others) to talk about Elevator Action Returns! We also celebrate our 50th episode milestone and take a look back at some of our favorite memories.

Episode 50: Return


Welcome back returning co-host Adam Kennelley!

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Elevator Action Returns

Retro Obscura Retrospective

Special thanks to the writing staff of  (That’s you Nick Demarco!)
Our UK host/contributor Vipp will be returning for our next episode – follow him on Twitter: @Vipp1990

Album cover for this podcast borrowed from album by the Impossibles – Return

Intro Song (Follin’s March) written by Aaron Hickman and Trevin “Jredd” Hughes

Outtro Song (Peace is Restored) written by Trevin Hughes AKA Jredd from the  album The Next Level. It can be purchased from the Cheap Beats Label below:

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