Retro Obscura 52: I Have a Thrusting Ability!

Retro Obscura 52: I Have a Thrusting Ability!


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Featured Games:

Aaron: Bob’s Bad Day (Suggested by Jeremy Wood)

Adam: Mega Turrican (Suggested by Benjamin Milheim)

Paul: Final Lap Twin (Suggested by Stephen Wren Smith)

Side Quest: Aaron and Adam discuss unlicensed, pirated, and hombrew gaming.

End Credits:

RIP Wes Craven: 1939 – 2015

Thanks to the RELAY BROS crew for providing the music below for our latest episode. Click the links to listen and support them!
Poopmaster – N-Core Region- Gen II (Square Version) – 21 Elite 4 (Fire)
Robotprins – A.A.A.
General Offensive, Mrsonic699 – HARD RESET -EP- –
Ulfedn4r – Vangelis – A Tribute
MrSonic699 – Radiant Rush [Original]
 Xemogasa – verisimilitude
Jredd -Giga Snap
Aaron Hickman – Telestarter 
Xemogasa & raphaelgoulart – shes cute i should go talk to her or something
Relay Bros – Dr Willy’s Castle (Megaman 2)
Nintendocore Lives – Robot Masters – 01 Thunderman by Poopmaster
Jredd – Isn’t Life Special (Sonic the Hedgehog Arrangement)
Swerdmurd – BitMatic (swerdmurd Matic remix – orig. by Tiegur)
Ulfhedn4r – Bomb Man Theme Remix (Mega Man)
Xemogasa – Modest Penguins
General Offensive, Mrsonic699 – HARD RESET -EP- –
Toni Leys – Player 2
Swerdmurd – Brutal Alien Throwdown Ressurection – Welcome to Erf
Jredd – Rise to the Top
Jredd – Funk Shuffle (Featuring Toni Leys, Cosmo Buggi, Groovemaster303 & Dropbit

VGM Music featured on the show:
Bob’s Bad Day (Amiga) – James Teather
Mega Turrican (Sega Genesis) – Chris Huelsbek
Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk (Amiga) – Matthew Simonds
A Nightmare on Elmstreet (NES) – David Wise

Intro Song (Follin’s March) written by Aaron Hickman and Trevin “Jredd” Hughes

Side Quest Theme (Retropus) written by Swerdmurd and can be downloaded here:

Outtro Song (Peace is Restored) written by Trevin Hughes AKA Jredd from the  album The Next Level. It can be purchased from the Cheap Beats Label below:

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