Retro Obscura 54: Pumpkin Spice Latte Edition

Retro Obscura 54: Pumpkin Spice Latte Edition

Happy Halloween!

Power Paw Act 1: Snatch


Genesis Gems

Are you Afraid of the Bumper?

Featured Games:
Paul: Laser Ghost (Sega Master System)
Aaron: Nitemare 3-D (Win 3.x, DOS)
Adam: Clock Tower (Super Famicom)

Break 2:
Power Paw Act 2: Cure

Side Quest: What horror movies should have been made into video games but weren’t?

Break 3:
Power Paw Act 3: Junk

End Credits:
Huge thanks to those who participated in our skit.
Vipp (Ben) – Narrator
Adam Kennelley- Himself
Paul Stevenson- Himself
Aaron Hickman – His Royal Fly-ness
Trevin Hughes – Shopkeeper
Rob Luther – Evil Rob Luther
Erik Purcell – E.R.I.K. the Robot Kangaroo
Willie! – Himself
Draggy – Distraught Accountant
Tax Avoiders – The only game that the Atari 2600 has nightmares about.

Written by Adam Kennelley

Intro Song (Follin’s March) written by Aaron Hickman and Trevin “Jredd” Hughes

Side Quest Theme (Retropus) written by Swerdmurd and can be downloaded here:

Outtro Song (Peace is Restored) written by Trevin Hughes AKA Jredd from the  album The Next Level. It can be purchased from the Cheap Beats Label below:

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