Retro Obscura 55: 2 Past 2 Obscurious

Retro Obscura 55: 2 Past 2 Obscurious



Relay Bros
XEGS Game by Game Podcast
Genesis Gems



Pole Position Atari 5200 Commercial

Featured Games:
Paul: Devil Dare Derby 3d (Supersonic Racers) PSX
Adam: Super Mad Champ (Super Famicom)
Aaron: Turbo Esprit (ZX Spectrum)

Break 2:
LED Storm Theme – Tim Follin (Amiga)

Side Quest:
Racing Games

Break 3:
Sonic R – Options Menu – Richard Jacques

End Credits:
Huge thanks to our website contributor Nick Demarco!

Intro Song (Follin’s March) written by Aaron Hickman and Trevin “Jredd” Hughes

Side Quest Theme (Retropus) written by Swerdmurd and can be downloaded here:

Outtro Song (Peace is Restored) written by Trevin Hughes AKA Jredd from the  album The Next Level. It can be purchased from the Cheap Beats Label below:

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