Review Episode 4

In our first interview episode, David sits down with homebrew creator, tep392 (AKA: Perry Thuente) to discuss his latest creation, Pac-Man Arcade. Hear how he was able to make such a spot on version of the classic arcade game and get some early insite into some of his upcoming projects.

Show Notes


Pac-Man Arcade

  • Published by
    • Perry “TEP392” Thuente – Atari 8-bit homebrew cart, 2012
    • AtariAge – Atari 5200 cart, 2012
  • Developed by
    • Atari Inc. – original 1983 Ms. Pac-Man game
    • Perry Thuente, with contributions from MrFish and others – Pac-Man Arcade hack
  • Based on NAMCO’s 1980 arcade game

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  • Developer Joe Hellesen
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Donkey Kong

  • Published by Atari Inc., 1983 & Atari Corp., 1988
  • Developed by Landon Dyer (code & graphics), Brad Fuller (sound), Atari Inc.
  • Based on Nintendo’s 1981 arcade game

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  • Developed by Andrew Betts (code), Rob Hubbard (music)



  • Published by Mastertronic, 1986
  • Developed by Binary Design:
    • David Forward (code)
    • Steve Pickford & Jeremy Pickford (graphics)
    • Jason C. Brooke (music)


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