Review Episode 6

This episode we hop into our Valkyrie space fighter and shoot up some Jaggie saucers to review LucasFilm’s,
“Rescue on Fractalus!” and we’ll go full tilt on one of Kieren’s budget game, “Advanced Pinball Simulator”.

Show Notes


Rescue on Fractalus!

  • Published by
    • Atari Corp (1987)
    • Epyx (1984, US) & Activision (1985, UK)
  • Developed by
    • Lucasfilm Ltd.

      • David Fox (programmer)
      • Loren Carpenter (programmer)
      • Charlie Kellner (graphics)
      • Gary Winnick (graphics)
      • James St. Louis (graphics)
      • Douglas “Crock” Crockford (graphics)
      • Peter Langston (sound, and team lead)
      • Charlie “Dragon” Kellner (sound)



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Advanced Pinball Simulator

  • Published by
    • Codemasters (1989)
  • Developed by
    • The Oliver Twins: Philip & Andrew Oliver (designers)
    • Hassan Mehmet (Atari code)
    • Terry Lloyd (Atari graphics)
    • David Dunn (Atari sound)

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