The SNES Podcast #68 — Donkey Kong Country (with Brett Weiss)

In this very special episode of The SNES Podcast, Greg and George are honored to be joined by noted classic video game book author and fellow podcaster Brett Weiss! We discuss his current project of writing not just one but TWO books for the SNES covering the whole library of the games, some of his past work, and motivations for doing this new project along with other things. Then we discuss one of Brett’s favorite SNES games, the classic Donkey Kong Country. Giving it our normal treatment where we look at the game’s history, our experiences with it, and if it holds up today. Listen and get the scoop on Brett’s current project and many other fun things! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. please hit us on our FB page or e-mail me at and as always thanks for your support!

Source:: The SNES Podcast #68 — Donkey Kong Country (with Brett Weiss)