The Toys R Us/IseeRobots Radio Christmas Special

Hey kids! This week we have a real special treat! I used to do another podcast called IseeRobots Radio. It was a music show that mixed tunes with commercials and all sorts of stuff. The apex of the show was this Christmas Special right here! and dudes, it’s awesome. As a special gift for all I thought I’d throw it up here for your approval after going over the mix with a fine tooth comb and remastering it for you!

It’s awesome. It’s a mix of awesome Christmas Tunes and Classic Power Records/Peter Pan Records Christmas Stories.
The first one involves Batman and his search for Rudolph The Red Nosed Hit man, the second has The Six Million Dollar Man and Santa and the third is all about Superman. There are really great Christmas Commercials in the mix including some video game ones as well as some of my favorite Christmas tunes from everyone from Buck Owens to The Smurfs.
This is perfect for some Retro Christmas fun and best of all it’s safe for the whole family! Make sure to tell a friend! This is a good time GUARANTEED!!

Source:: The Toys R Us/IseeRobots Radio Christmas Special